Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Application to an organisation requesting some place to teach the kids

Maharashtra Seva Sangha,
Airoli, Navi-Mumbai
Dear Sir,
Subject: Application requesting support (place) from you for educating the poor kids.
I am Rupesh Gesota, an electronics engineer (B.E.) from Mumbai university (2004 batch).I am 26 now and working for a private firm in Andheri. I recently shifted to Airoli (sectr-20) 5 months back with my parents.
While on the way to office daily, I come across a slum area near sec-19. this is mainly inhabited by the road-dwellers and some families who have migrated few yrs back from villages like Nanded for the source of livelihood.…while daily just thinking to talk to them, one Saturday evening I managed to gather sum guts to enter the fenced slum area..… after talking to 2 women for about 5 minutes I made up my mind to meet all the associated kids and people the next day, Sunday. Little did I know that I will get such a whole-hearted response from such uneducated and socially deprived class of people? I went to each of the huts and talked to each of the family member about their feeling for education. Believe me, there was no person who was unwilling to educate his/her child. And that’s true. Every parent dreams of well-being and happiness of his kids no mater in whatsoever condition he is right now. Though there was one father who was reluctant earlier regarding teaching his daughter, (but not his 2 sons) but it dint take much time for me to mould his mind by explaining him the importance of girl child and girl education. My intention was to just educate the kids but these people are so energetic and enthusiastic about education that some of them along with their kids expressed their eagerness to educate themselves.
The most encouraging part was when I entered a hut to see a 30+ man was sitting with books…not time pas but he was preparing for his tenth standard exam for October this year.(He had failed in English in his school days and now he has realized the importance of education…)I explained my intention/plan to him but then I was having some inner-feeling about where I will teach them?? I just casually aired my view that me and some of friends will come here at your home to teach you all. You can’t imagine their reply… (aapaan kaallji karoo nakaa sir, aaamhi tumhaaalaa ikddechch ek mothhi zopddi banvoon deoo..tikde paaoos pann nahin yenaar..!!!).I am sure you will get a clearer picture now…
These people are dying for support. But we don’t want to support them financially or by giving food clothing or shelter as it will not be a sustainable model… we have to attack the root cause of evil. We need to educate them. Not just teach them, we need to ensure that this basic education know-how, this energy, spirit of theirs, does not turn into dust.
Their thirst to stand upright in the society and not being smothered by some of the ill-minded selfish upper-class and petty politicians should be quenched.
Let’s make a beginning sir. I m sure our efforts will not go in vain….we will definitely get the fruits…lets give some time to them. Some heart and mind to them. Let’s give some place to them to study for 1-2 hrs daily…..I m sure, all of you will understand the circumstances because as a responsible educated citizen it is part of our duty to lend our hand to the needy and deserving.
We are ready to meet u to discuss this and also get some more ideas from experienced senior people like you… please spare few minutes from your busy schedule to talk to us personally.
Rupesh Gesota

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