Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

Hi Friends,
Christmas, means time for celebration, time to spread the joy and smile to the world and this is what our very dear “Santa Claus” did to our kids. The day which Santa had chosen to come to our kids place was 28th December 2008 and time which he gave was in the evening 4:30.

Let me tell something about the Santa Claus, these are the group of people who belong to church named “Gift of God Ministries Church”, who goes out in street and spread the message that Santa Claus does. The day had come. I, rupesh, nazia & Kailash were present there to welcome these wonderful people and yes they were there and we had lots of guests and among them we had our two santa’s ( Muthi and Isac Wilson ), and then we left with our two santa’s to spread out the smile to our wonderful kids.
First we visited Sector – 17 kids and believe me, our kids were so excited to see these santa in front of them dancing and singing. Then they got even more excited when they got their gifts from santa’s in form of chocolates and biscuits. One of the member in their team told them, who santa was and why he had come to their place and stuff. Then we sang songs and later santa said bye to all our kids from sector – 17.
Next we visited kids from aioli gaav and the response and the excitement level of the kids was even more than the sector – 17 kids. They were dancing, screaming at top of their voice and we could see the excitement level reached to the peak there, seeing this the santa’s who had walked so long to meet them, even got excited and they too started dancing and later they gave our kids their gifts in form of chocolates and biscuits and again one of their member explained our kids about the santa claus. That was definitely a moment to cherish.
LEAD is indeed in debt to Mr. Wilson who took care of getting all these wonderful people to Airoli and made our kids meet the Santa’s. Thanks to the wonderful santa’s , Mr.Muthu , who danced a lot in airoli gaav and Mr. Isac Wilson ( he can be contacted at his id : ) and ya as people say “ pictures say more than words”, may be the things that I failed to express can be seen through the photos of the celebration at and finally I am sorry for sending the write-up so late..

Photos :


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