Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Laxman visits Tardeo Blind school

Laxman & his family visits Tardeo Victora Mamorial Blind school

Hello Friends, we would like to share this small effort with you all. In fact Laxman is a 5 year old kid from our Airoli Gaon area. His 2 brother are going to the School & Laxman is totally blind. We came to know from our member Harshad (who himself is 100% blind but highly educated & self dependent) that thier are 2 schools in Mumbai specially for these kids. We wanted to enrol Laxman to this school as his parents are both working as casual labourers & his eleder sister who is very keen to study has to take care of Laxman all the time.
After Rupesh explained the parents about these Schools & even Harshad & Mahesh who came all the way from far of places to practically tell them that this school is best suited for their child as all the care is taken their free of cost. We started of in August & fixed meeting in the school with help from Harshad & I personally adjusted my office timings to visit along with the kids & his parents. Although they agreed when we told them about the visit, but atleast 3 times they backed out at the last moment, without informing us at the last moment. In our last visit although this time also they had agreed after Rupesh & Mahesh personally met them and also showed them pictures of such kids, but they started making excuses to avoid going to the school which is located at Tardeo. I had gone at their home at 8:45am, although we were suppose to leave at 9:30am & both the parents started making excuses & after trying to explain them to atleast visit the school, I could not succeed. I called Rupesh & he came running within 10 Minutes & started shouting on both the parents. In fact they give so much of respect to Rupesh that they did not answer anything & Laxman's mother, sister Saroja & her aunt whose kids are also going to our school became ready to visit the School. I was more relieved because Harshad, who is staying in Vasai had already started for the School. So at last we went to the School & they journey lasted atleast 3 hours to the Victoria Memorial School, Tardeo. Harsha reached with in 10 Minutes & we went to the school office. Harshad is quite familier with the school & with in few minutes we met the Principal Mrs Chavan. In between I showed them the School kids playing in the school ground & even kids like Laxman were all playing in different groups. In fact Saroja took his brother on the ground & they enjoyed. The principal was very cordial & explained everything to the parents & appreciated our efforts. Even the parents were more motivated after meeting the principal & Harshad & seeing all kind of kids in the School.The principal also told that since the parents are from OBC, they will get all the facility free of cost. The parents were also surpirsed to know that Harshad has come all the way from a distance place on his own & doing so much of work. When the principal asked few questions to Laxman, he replied them & Principal was happy about it. Their are few formalities to be done like getting certificate from Civil Hospital & caste & birth certificate of the kid. But the biggest output of this meeting was that we could encourage the parents to come up to this stage & even when we went to meet them a day later they are now willing to send the child to the school. The best thing is that if Laxman goes to this School, Saroja can go school regulerly as she is so keen to study & the parents will be more relieved & concentrate on thier work better. The best thing is that we did not loose hope & continously tried everything fo convense the parents& now they are more positive about thier kids.....Friends although its again a small initiative, but I personally learned that everything is possible if we follow the correct ways..

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