Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Application to NMMC

Date: 21 Jan 2009

Mr. Datatraya Naghre,

Subject: Application for the allotment of place for community service (social work)

Dear Sir,
I am Rupesh Gesota. I am an electronics engineer from Mumbai University & staying in Airoli Sector-20. I am the founder of an NGO called as LEAD.
LEAD represents two things:
Firstly, it’s an abbreviation for our mission - Love, Education & Attitude to the Destitute.
Secondly, it elucidates the Leadership quality: "Taking the responsibility to improve the system, even when you’re not asked to do so!”

We are a group of passionate & dedicated volunteers who believe every child deserves a childhood & should enjoy his right to education. We endeavor to provide an appropriate environment as well as back-up for education to the less privileged children. Our motivated team keeps striving to provide them with knowledge, skills, values and facilities to enable them to compete in the mainstream & rise with dignity in the society.
28 children across 4 slum areas in Airoli (Sec-19,17,20 & Airoli gaav) were admitted in NMMC School (N0.-39) in Airoli gaav in the month of August & September 2008.
Our present action includes:
1)To identify the families from the slum communities of non-migrating nature, enroll their children in the nearby Municipal schools. To supplement this education & monitor their discipline & performance through regular tuitions.

2)To encourage & support the senior students to pursue their further education.

3)Celebration of all the national festivals & regular discussions with the parents.
However our regular interactions & experiences with these communities have made us more determined & we have now made up our mind to empower the entire communities by carrying out the following activities.

1)To provide non-formal education to the elderly ones (above 14-15 years).

2)To create health awareness (nutrition, hygiene, etc) in these communities with focus on vaccination and family planning.

3)To work for the empowerment of the mothers of these children & even the elder girls through proper vocational skills training to make them self-reliant & independent. Also, mothers will then be in a proper position to fulfill their duty of good parenting.

4)To make the people aware of the various saving schemes as well as Government schemes for them.
Apart from the other challenges like funds & resources, our biggest obstacle now is the place where we can incessantly & efficiently execute our plans.
I had visited Cidco Bhavan, CBD-Belapur & talked to Mrs. Rima Dixit. She told me that CIDCO has already allotted a place to NMMC for such community activities in Airoli sector-3. Sir, we would be very grateful to you if NMMC supports our cause by providing the above mentioned space for the upliftment of the underprivileged communities.

We request you to visit our website for details.
You can also meet our kids & check out various activities on

With hopes of favourable consideration,
Rupesh Gesota

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