Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Letter to Times Of India Teach India Campaign (No Response!)

Letter to Times Of India Teach India Campaign (No Response!)

We have Plans, Support, Infrastructure, and for the time being Funds too. But we lack the most valuable asset, most valuable resource—Human Resource!
We have intentionally decided to motivate three categories of volunteers. Teachers (Retired/Working), Aged people (either frustrated with their lives, or bored of their inactiveness) & most importantly STUDENTS, the youth. We believe the Youth today is motivated & wishes to engage in providing education to the less fortunate. But often they don’t get the required path.

We visited nearby Mehta College and talked to the principal and trustees about this project. They were very supportive and then allowed us to spread the awareness among their students and motivate them for the teaching activity. We did get some passionate student volunteers for our project but as we all know they have their exam schedules, classes, extra curricular activities etc. And so getting the real committed lot will always be a challenge!
I had long back registered as the volunteer through Teach India campaign but then received a discouraging message that due to the lack of required manpower and resources, the NGOs are not able to process and absorb the huge numbers. So lots of people like me who have understood the importance of such an activity and then stood up for the cause will have to wait for the time being. I feel Times of India has done a great job by facilitating and motivating the nation for teaching the underprivileged kids. But then I have also met some people who have been disappointed by not getting the assignment from Teach India. As a good facilitator we should not let these ignited minds get demotivated so soon. They should be immediately mobilized to the places wherever there is requirement and urgency so that the chain reaction goes on and on.
We request you to provide us with such passionate and committed people who can provide us the valuable ideas for sustainability of our growing project and also volunteers who can give at least 2 days a week (with 2 hrs per day) to teach these kids after/before their school-hours. Tuition activity is needed because these slum-kids have totally different background, mindset and culture. Their parents being casual laborers stay out almost for the whole day & left in the hands of fate. There are full chances that they will stop going to school if not properly guided and motivated daily. Also they have missed their 2 school exams due to late admissions so if they don’t cope up with the missed syllabus and if they don’t come up to the required level, they may fail in the current year which will sure-shot discourage them for continuing the further studies/school. Also due to the lack of electricity and good environment for studying, we have managed to get 2 nearby excellent places where these tuitions can be conducted. Then there are also some more unfortunate kids among them who could not be admitted to school just because they had to take care of their younger brothers/sisters in the absence of their parents!!

With lots of Hope,
Project- LEAD Love, Education & Attitude to Destitute.
“Opening our Hearts to open their Minds…”

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