Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deeper interactions with Sector-3

Hello friends,

Wanted to share the experience of our latest visit to Sec-3 slum. As we all are aware of; sec-3 issues were widely discussed among all of us for last two weeks. I was really very eager to go there to meet those people.

So Nazia n I made a plan to go there in the eve. Fortunately Rupesh also joined us. As we were heading to sec-3, Rupesh felt like to visit our old tuition place on the way. There we met a guy (sorry I don’t remember his name) who runs a dance and drama classes there.

He was very interested in our project and was very happy listening to the progress we made. He gave us a good news guyz. His dance school is organizing a drama-dance n music show on 25th of April..that is this Saturday..at a community hall in Sec-5. And he wants to invite all our children along with their parents!! Isn’t that great??! This will be the first occasion where our children will attend a social program like this. I’m sure that this is going to be a new experience for them. So I request all the volunteers to please be there on Saturday (4pm-8pm) to boost up our children’s enthusiasm!

Then we went to our actual destination. I was going there for the first time. The slum is located at a corner of a well maintained municipal garden near NHP School Airoli. As we were about to reach to the place where Lakshmi stays, we were welcomed by cursing old lady. She was yelling at us that we did not give her money in our last visit and was blaming us that we are planning to take their children away. She was saying that you people are good for nothing and you will tear these kids kidneys away. Earlier I was shocked by her behavior but an elderly lady sitting behind said that she has lost her mind and keeps on blabbering. Then Rupesh introduced that lady to us, who was the one who is keeping Lakshmi in her hut when Lakshmi’s parents abandoned her. A small “TOLI” of children came running to us, waving their hands. There were children between age group 3 to 12. Still I was trying to locate Lakshmi in the crowd. And when Rupesh pointed towards a small n petite girl sitting on a lawn with cute smile; saying this is her…I was quite shocked.

Lakshmi was about 15-16 years old and too shy to talk. Before we could inquire about her newborn, one of the girls brought that small baby girl to us. She was just 10 days old n was so tiny n delicate. Nazia n I asked Rupesh to take the bachchha party away so that we can talk to Lakshmi properly. We went inside her hut n sat down. We tried comforting her by asking some normal things about her and when she started opening up, we came to the point. She said she has gone to her sister’s in-laws place for some days. There she met this guy and fell in love with him. She says that guy was 30 yrs old..but as we spoke to her further we understood that she doesn’t know his age n only because he was taller..she said that he was 30. She said that she did not understand how it happened. when her parents got to know about this..they asked her to leave their place. Her parents feared that their elder daughter will face problems in her married life if her in-laws get to know about Lakshmi. As Lakshmi was telling this to us..we could easily make out that she is too young to take this all n doesn’t even understand the depth of the issue. We asked her if she wants to marry that guy or at least contact him to take financial responsibility of the kid, she replied “Mujhe who nai chahiye..mujhe ye baccha bhi nahi chahiye..isko le jao..” I know guys, its very hard to digest this. Firstly even I did not believe on my ears that m listening to a mother who wants to get rid of the child. But then when I zoomed in the problem, I understood that when survival comes to stake, emotions evaporate..

We understood that there is no point in searching for home for Lakshmi n her baby together. The minor mother is not able to take care of her baby n wont be in situation to raise the kid in near future. As we were having discussion on Lakshmi, Nigar and Amit came over with a Johnson n Johnson baby care kit for the newborn and also explained Lakshmi how to use it. We asked Lakshmi if she is ready to work, and she agreed. She said she understands her mistake and wants to get out of it. It was very sad seeing a young girl in so much pain and under so much pressure. There was one more problem. The lady who has offered her a shelter is now not ready to keep her even for a single day. We couldn’t say who is right and who is wrong. The only thing that was clear is “we need to find a safe place for Lakshmi n her newborn”.

The slum families are planning to give the kid to church (Prem-daan in Airoli). But guys lets keep it as last option. I’ve visited Prem-daan myself. No doubt they provide food n medication to kids. But the chances of that child getting adapted to a good family are very rear if it goes to Prem-daan. So let’s find a better place for this baby girl. I have found out some NGOs and orphanages that seem suitable(sending in next mail).

We returned from there promising Lakshmi that we would definitely search a place for her child. Guys let’s take this as next big task n help the kid to find a good habitat.

Waiting eagerly for ur positive responses,



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  1. Hi Priyanka....

    Hardly left any space for me to add...
    May be Nazia will add more about her interactions with the lady doubting our real intentions! While leaving, she promised that she will be sending her son Pavan next day onwards ...
    But take the shock-- He is not coming !!!!!!!!!

    And the Archana Madam- NHP School teacher-- tells that these children are not regular---except Ganesh--- So next time please take care of all these issues---

    Even the four boys-- Mukesh, Mahesh, Sandip, Arjun (Mukesh is Reshma's brother )-- the gang highly addicted to whitener-- is no where since long-- they just came for 1 day----
    Even Ganesh hidingly takes some puffs -- some children complain---

    I was thinking of contacting some child counselling centre for this problem....
    Rajni from Kalyan is the right person--- 9920653189...
    Anyone of you ready to take care of this stuff??

    Priyanka, commendable work of getting down the list of about 9-10 orphanages!

    So friends, please tell, who will visit which orphange for getting the deatiled information??
    I have started talking to a lady from YV to get some info about an adoption centre... But we need to explore all the options in the list.