Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am back again...

Hi LEADers,

I had to take break from all LEAD related activities for past few months due to some personal reasons; however being a part of the LEAD family, I was updated with all news related to our project. I visited our tuition place (near gaav-devi mandir, Airoli) yesterday.

Its really nice to join LEAD once again, I was excited as well as nervous while going to meet our children yesterday. But when many of our kids recognized me, greeted me with smiling faces and asked me that “Priyanka teacher, itane dinose kyon nahi aaye?” I really felt that I have some unseen strings attached with these kids. I can’t name the feeling which I got when I met our kids; it was blend of excitement, enthusiasm, responsibility, love, nostalgia and guilt. I’m sorry Rupesh that I was off-LEAD for some days.

I saw that most of our kids have shown tremendous changes in their reading and writing skills. When Vinod, Shyamsundar and Raj did correct addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers, I was completely stunned. It’s very nice to see progress in them.

Still there are some challenges in front of us, like there is much diversity in our kids understanding level. Many of them are fast learners while some of them are still stuck to “a aa ae”. We need to classify our kids based on their progress and understanding level. Keeping a separate report card for each of them will be useful for us while teaching them new things. Also the major thing I observed was; children were very interested to write and read the things which they already knew, and quite reluctant to learn new things. We need to think over this too. We need to find out new methods to teach them the basics of “Bhasha and Ganit”.

Children will have quite long summer vacation starting from end of this month. We can utilize this time. Let’s keep a goal of bringing all our kids on the same page before the starting of their new academic year. We have good amount of time and loads of things to buckle up guys!

Warm Regards,

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