Monday, April 6, 2009

LEAD adopts New slum-community

Hi Everyone,

Sunday was really good for LEAD, for two reasons:

1) we volunteers( around 11 of us) had met at our place expecting few people from a trust, who were coming in to guide us and give few precious suggestion on how to get in the required funds and also on how to sustain those funds in long run, unfortunately for us they couldn't make it and inturn they called up and apologized that they can not make it as they were held up in some work, but we didnt want to miss this opportunity ( because it is very rare that most of the volunteers were present on the same day under one roof).
We had one good discussions, varying from how to get more funds, how to sustain the funds, etc., thanks to all of the volunteers for their time and also for their valuable suggestion, few of the important points which came out of the meeting is listed in the mail by ashutosh. LEAD wants to thank our volunteers Harshada and Devesh/Richa for their monetory support, 1000/- and 300/- respectively, towards LEAD for this month.

2) After the meeting got over, Rupesh said that there was a surprise for me and he took me to a slum near sector 19 which he saw on saturday evening on his way back to home, indeed that was a very good surprise for me and to LEAD, we went into the slum, which had around 10 families residing there and interacted with them for a few minutes that afternoon, as most of the family had left for work and when enquired one of the person over there informed us that they would be back by evening around 7.
So we went back to the slum that evening around 7:30PM, I carried my laptop along and Kailash too joined us.
Our interaction started with the family, we spoke to most of them and try to convience them with our talk, but the usual answers came along "Sir, we are poor, and education is not meant for us", " Sir, i am sole bread earner for my family and i cant afford to send them to school", then we thought that our work should speak to them rather than our word
and so it was time for AV presentation, which we had made for the LEAD and all we had to do is to gather all the parents and the kids and we made them to see the presentaion we had made, kids were very excited to see the video and also at the end of the video many parents came forward and said that now they want their kids too to go to school, our video worked
but still there were quite a few family who were in two minds, we had to again talk to them all over again & show them the video...Of that one of the family,where the kid name was Ganesh, had three more younger brothers and their mom was their only one who was earning, so she had sent all the other kids except ganesh to her village, after seeing the video she said will get all the kids here and no matter what she will get her kids admitted to school, that was a moment to relish

Also there was another family where the kid name was Sita, whose mother said she had no problem in sending her daughter to school but she was against sending his son Chokha to school ( this was the first time we have seen this happening), again we had to speak to her again and had to convience her again ( hopefully she will not send her kid back to village ) ,

After all this we had around 10 kids and 4 elder girls who came up and said they want to go to school. So again another moment to relish for LEAD.Our work was done. Now all we have to do is to admit these kids when the school reopens at june and also while returning back, Rupesh had got few chocolates and he asked one of the kid "Sita" to distribute and after some time she came back running and returned back 3 chocolates, saying that i distributed chocolates to all the kids and these were remaining, we were literally surprised to see the honesty and discipline in the child ( which unfortunately is lacking in our children). I was really happy to see the joy and excitment in the children face and hope in the face of their parents. congratulations TEAM LEAD, for their new achievement.


for LEAD

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  1. Hi friends,
    Sorry for the late response….

    Yes indeed, as pointed out by Arun, it was one of the great days for LEAD..

    Many of us sat (Richa, Devesh, Kailash, Arun, me, Ravi, Azad, Avishkar, Harshada) together & discussed over some important issues…

    Ashotosh joined LEAD on Sunday & even participated actively over all the matters…

    Thanks Ashutosh for briefing everyone about the meeting… (First time, LEAD had something called as Minutes of Meeting ;-)

    & most importantly …

    Yes! We proudly but humbly announce the Adoption of a new slum-community by LEAD.

    Arun has already written the detailed report for all of you, portraying the minutest details of our experience & interactions with the children & their parents. Especially the last one while leaving, when Sita courteously returned back the extra chocolates after fair distribution… & you know how much they were? 3 !!! As if a prize for each one us there....I will never forget this experience….. !!!!

    Yesterday as I had an off, I went back to these children in the morning & showed them our study-centre… Sita was so excited that on seeing me that she immediately ran to her hut, took a bath & dressed up beautifully with her best dress (she feels that way), powder & bindi as if we were going for a picnic… ;-)

    Ganesh as well as Jyoti & Nirmala (2 toddlers) too joined us. So sad, we could not convince the mother of Chokha (Sita’s brother) to not send him to the village to shepherd their goats & allow him to attend the school... He has left… ;-(
    (This is LEAD’s third encounter with child-labor after Saroja & Sarika)

    While on the way from the slums to our place, there a big south Indian style temple…While I, Sita, Jyoti & Nirmala bowed down our heads from outside, Ganesh zoomed into the temple, laid down completely before the God, rang the bell & then joined us back… I was like pleasantly shocked with this behavior. Sita captured my smile & said, “He goes to the temple daily!”

    On reaching there, these children were greeted by our Airoli-gaav children. A wonderful experience! They all know each other…I have attached few snaps for you…

    Yes, its definitely a moment to cherish... but I am little bit worried too…

    Frankly, I didn’t want to include more children now in LEAD, at least for a year… mainly because of required number of volunteers & the required time, initiatives & efforts needed from the existing volunteers. I tried a lot to be insensitive but could not curb my urge.… because they too like our children were very energetic & enthusiastic about Education. Secondly some of the parents too turned out supportive…then how can one turn a blind eye & deaf ear to them?

    As Arun said, the AV worked well to garner the support of children & parents… But what about the support of volunteers????

    I need your answer for this…. Are we all ready to take up this challenge to illuminate some more minds from the darkness of illiteracy & child-labor….???

    Will we work more vigorously to garner more support from people in terms of time, volunteers, funds, planning, time etc…?????