Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life without Light..

Dear All,

On Monday I, Nigar & Amit had a new experience which we want to share with you all.
As usual we went for class. We met Rupesh at Thane Station He told us that today we all will be going for field work means we will make a visit to slum. We will meet our children’s parents & have a word with them.
We rached Classroom at around 6:30 pm, took tuitions till 7:15 pm then we left for their place the Airoli-Gaav slum just behind our classroom— (Absolutes huts in typical Mumbai Slum Area). First we went to Madhuri’s home.. her elder sister Chandi was sitting outside. Rupesh wanted some details like her age, parents name, etc. After that we met many children’s families like that of Raja’s, Govind’s, Mallesh’s etc…and finally we met Einnetti’s mother. Rupesh collected details from all. Later Priyanka joined us with one of her friend Vinay. Kids were very happy seeing her.
Whatever, we observed was really wondering and strange and the matter of great concern. There were no lights. For them light means just a small diya. In the light of our mobile phones we spoke to them and collected all the details.
We have discussed social issues with these people regarding their children education, health. It was a general discussion, still some issues found, such as people do not know proper age of their children.
Also we were happy when one person from this slum came to us and was very much eager to learn his sign from us. Also we insisted Santosh (22) to come at our study center to learn. Rupesh was explaining benefits of education to him and he agreed to come. We told his sister Renuka & wife Kavita also n we felt very good when we came to know that she is Fifth class passout.
Despite of all such problems facing in their life still these people warmly welcomed us. They gave us lot of respect as we are taking their children’s classes. They invited us for dinner. They used to prepare their food outside of hut. All the people were exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hats off of to these people in spite of many problems, challenges they are facing in their life, still they manage to carry a beautiful smile on their face …our kids are really very brave….. All were busy with their household chores…. Preparing dinner!!!!
And as Rupesh explained me really it requires lots of cleanliness, neatness to improve all these things. We have to think together and assist these people to improve their life.
Really Its Life Without Light But we will have to try to become a Candle for their lives…..


Nigar & Reena
for LEAD

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  1. Hi Reena,
    Thanks for nicely compiling the report. Yes these people are living in difficult situations. Wonder how they will cope during the rainy season. But one thing is that most of these people are earning & if we try to educate them about saving their earnings & how to cut their bad habits, they can live in better conditions. Right now they dont have any feature plans, but may be once our school going kids become more mature, they will be the best guide to their families. I think if we regularly interact with these people, they will slowly listen to us & improve their living conditions. Its really great to see so many volunteers are coming forward & doing so much.

    for LEAD