Sunday, April 26, 2009

NHP School Teachers speak --

Loving greetings to u all.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. - Henry Ford

As this is my first mail I would like to introduce myself
I am Ms. Archana Sharma working in New Horizon Public School Penguin Kids as a Pre- primary teacher.
Last month when Rupesh and Kailash had come to school to talk to us about LEAD and the kids. We were all very much impressed and were eagerly waiting to make the best use of this opportunity.

Our first day with the kids: 10th April. 2009

In the morning Rupesh gave a call and spoke to me for 20 minutes and explained what had to be done. 1. Distribution of books, slates and other stuff. 2.Where all the things have been kept like the attendance register, books etc. 3. about the kids of sec 3 and so on.
After school we went to the kids at 12:15 pm. All of them eagerly waiting for us. They started shouting “teacher aa gaya”. What a heartfelt welcome by our lovely kids.
Our aim was to teach them good manners, cleanliness, how to keep the surrounding clean and healthy. So we started with a song followed by a story with a good moral. The day was good and we were very happy.
I know the kids were happy too. Sumthing new and exciting to learn.

Life with the kids seemed to b very comfortable for first few days. But when I spoke to Rupesh and got the details abt the kids then I had a feeling tht this is not going to be a piece of cake for us.

As u all must be knwng tht few of us go to teach the kids in the afternoon from 12 to 1:15 pm. The kids literally come out to receive us and we all walk down to the class. We start the session by chanting Omkar 3 times followed by “Gurur Bhrama” then the kids altogether wish us “good afternoon teacher”. We end the session with our National Anthem and the kids say “thank you teacher”.

On 15th April:
Per day our class strength would be 25 to 28 kids, but on this particular day there were 40 kids and it was difficult for us to manage. I spoke to Rupesh regarding this and he said be strict and don’t allow the eveng batch kids to come in the afternoon batch. With the same determination we went to class the next day, same number of kids. As told by Sir I asked the eveng batch kids to go home. They did not move from their place infact they said, “teacher humko padne ka hai, humko nahi jana hai”. They sat near the entrance of the room and were doing their studies.

Later development with the kids:

We have divided the group into 4 in sets of 5 to 6 kids in each group. Each of us is responsible to interact with the kids personally. Some of our kids are really brilliant only they need to be encouraged.

I am personally taking care n teaching our very dear kids whom we do not want to lose them at any cost. I talk to them and encourage them that they can do all things if they have faith in themselves. I would like to share an experience with u:

last week as I was teaching Sunita to hold the pencil and write (as she has never been to school ) and this was for the first time she held a pencil and wrote with my help. I started with simple strokes and how to hold the book in a right way., etc. now she is trying to write Marathi letters. Pronunciation of the letters is a pretty tuff job for her. But I know she can make it.

While I was teaching her I called out to Sita asking why she didn’t come the previous day? And suddenly she saw Arjun and Mahesh running on the other side of the road. I immediately told her to go and call them. I asked then why they r not comg to the class. Arjun was very adamant. Mahesh some how entered the class and I was insisting Arjun to sit along with me and talk to me. He kept on saying “teacher do minute mein aata hu thoda kaam hai” I said I will also come along with u. I was making him understand tht just come and sit and we will talk then after a long time he came and sat next to me and we spoke. he is intelligent child and also has a lovely handwriting. He knws to read and understand English. I took a slate and wrote MONDAY he read it and I told that whn u come on Monday bring Mukesh and Sandeep along with u. I just finished my sentence and looked up to my surprise I saw both the kids standing just near me. I was overwhelmed.
Then I spoke to thm and told them to come regularly and study hard. I gave each of them to write months of the yr and they wrote correctly. While we ever interacting I told them my name and Arjun without any hesitation wrote my name correctly on the slate. I was glad and impressed.
They promised me tht they we surely come with their books and learn. But I really don’t knw wht went wrong and they did come the next day. I waited for thm
On Monday only Mukesh and Sandeep had come. I asked for the other boys they replied “teacher woh bahut marta hai aur sunta nahi hai”. These kids fight among themselves and don’t come to class cos of anger and hatred. We need to teach the kids to love each other and stay happily. They should be taught never to says bad things abt others. Instead we should help these kids to understd the meaning of “unity”. Cos whn we r together no one can be against us. Hmmm I knw is difficult but its not impossible. Right?
There are lots of ups and downs in life but always face each difficulty with a smile.

This information I got on 24th April:
One of my colleague who is also a volunteer (Sushma Maam) saw Arjun and Mahesh smoking in front of our class last week. The stuff was given to them by a boy who was standing nearby and seems to be their frnd. I was shocked whn she told me abt this incident. I knw tht some of our kids are addicted to whitener. I feel they need a good councilor who can understd and speak to them accordingly, we too are trying the same but there is a difference in our counseling.

I apologize for the delay in writing to u. but finally I have made it today. Excuse me for my lengthy mail.

Words of encouragement:

Don't wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater. - Mary Manin Morrissey


Archana Sharma
for LEAD


  1. Hi mam,

    Thanks for such an wonderful mail, i really appriciate the patience
    with which the entire mail is been written.
    After reading the mail i personally felt as if i was in the tutions
    experiencing what you people have gone through.
    I want to thank all the teachers who have come in LEAD and bringing in
    the discipline in the kids. I always believed and still believe that
    the only way to bring the change in the system is eduation, and by
    education it not only means reading, writing etc., but many more
    things like discipline, persnality development etc., thanks for all
    the wonderful people like you, who really wants to see the change in
    the system and ya as hari said we would definietly like to have a
    session with the teachers in how to handle the kids.

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Dear Archana Madam & all teachers of NHP, Greetings !!!.
    Its so nice to see such a lengthy mail from you. Actually I was quite engaged with my office work, but when I saw it coming from our Teachers, I just went through it & understood everything you have mentioned. Thats why we all always say that" Teachers are the Best Guide for our Kids". In fact we all are so happy to see such dedicated & commited teachers from NHP & lucky that my son will be going in the same Pengiun Kids this year.
    Even I was surprised to see almost 30 kids when I went to teach on this Wednesday, but found easier to handle them.Even before I reached, Ashutosh was nicely interacting with them . I am sure its because of you teachers that they are becoming more desciplined. You have rightly said that we need to groom the kids to become one big united family, teach them good manners & counsel some of the kids who have become addicted to bad habits. Otherwise the other kids may also follow them as now they will be in the same company.

    Also their parents also need to be informed & they should be aware about the activities of theri kids.
    We will discuss these issues on this Sunday on priority & update all.

    Thanks again for your inputs & motivating actions & words. Believe us we all are really proud of ourself & LEAD family.


  3. Thanks a lot for the lovely mail and we really appreciate all the efforts taken by the teachers. In fact, we would like to have a session with the teachers from NHP and VPM so that we better interact with the kids. :-)


  4. Hello Archana,

    I guess, some eyebrows will be raised, as I have not suffixed her name with 'teacher' tag ...
    But then, she further embarrasses me by calling me Sir, if I address her so ;-)

    Believe me Archana, this is one of the most beautifully written email by a LEAD volunteer..
    I am sure, this would have quenched the anxieties of many of us as to what is happening in the morning fun-batch !!

    So friends, lots to learn from these Gurus.....
    Please register these vital points in your minds ..(not in your book.. we never read them!! )

    The way they handle our naughty-toli , imbibing manners, dicipline etc..
    Regarding the four boys,,..yes, we will get a professional counsellor for this..

    Its very important now, not just for our children , but also as a measure to acknowledge & support the efforts & pains of our lovely teachers, to start working on the similar lines as depicted them in simple language.. apart form barakhadi, ka-kha-ga- , 1-2-3 & maths...

    I really fealt , I am attending a training lecture ;-)
    But an incomplete one !!!

    So please increment the request counter by one more, for training us about how to handle the children !

    LEAD family will miss you all after 29th April...
    Please tell us, what should we say to children, if they ask, " Archana teacher, Payal tecaher, Sushma teacher kyon nahin aaati ??"

    And your last encouraging stateement will soon make its entry into our website....
    Keep Inspiring..