Monday, April 6, 2009

Visit to our Sector-17 slum-community

Hi friends...

Kailash & I visited our Sector-17 Slums on Monday 8.30 pm & this was almost after a month or may be more. But the smiles & respect, with which we were greeted, easily pacified the guilty feelings engrossed in our minds. Anjali’s family, LEAD’s main strength (our elder students Ashok, Vinod all belong to same family), is going to their native for a week but assured us that they will be back in a week.

Parents of Sunil, Anil, Maruti & Musoba too seemed very happy & contented about their children’s progress.

We also thrilled them with the good news of the sports materials & games for them so as retain them during the vacations. The best part is they immediately agreed upon not only with our decision to admit their daughters -- Laxmi, Anita, Chaaya & Kavita – in the school from June but also sending them to our study centre during the vacations—definitely an achievement for LEAD in motivating these parents to support the education of their daughters!

One more encouraging news is – these parents suggested the names of 2-3 more children who will come from their natives & stay here permanently, & so they want even them to be admitted in the school.

Frankly speaking, LEAD has managed quite successfully in building up a good rapport & winning the trust of the Sector-17 families. Maybe because of our earlier regular visits, the Vasai incident & then Vinod’s success story further strengthened our relations, of-course the major credit still lies with all of you who spend your valuable time with their children.

However, we still need to work harder with the Airoli-Gaav families (parents). I keep visiting them but may be things are not working here, as desired, with me. So request all of you to please interact with them & ‘listen’ to them regularly. As I mentioned even earlier, you can leave the children 15-20 minutes earlier for this.

And ‘do discuss’ about these meetings with us through this group id & Feedback register.

We talked to 2 newly arrived families over there & explained them about our work & importance of education. They seemed bit apprehensive in the beginning but later opened up on persistent probing. Their son-Mallesh is very bright & wishes to join us. If some of you can try talking to these parents regularly, may be we can enrich his life.

We asked Ashok to meet one of the teachers in Thane for his October Class-X English exam, referred by Richa. Let’s see what turns up with this meeting.

(Ashok is a 25-yr old guy, a father now, uncle of our child Anjali, who has expressed his strong desire long back to clear off his English paper so as to bag the SSC certificate… No doubt he gets his daily inspiration dose from his younger brother Vinod & other children around)

Rupesh S Gesota

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. It indeed, is the only thing that ever has.”....Margaret Mead

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