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Outing to Thane skit-show & LEAD Awareness

Hi friends,

The subject line might come as a big surprise for many of you…

The main reason keeping this on low key being – it happened almost all of the sudden… & the main reason for this one was not an outing actually, as these were the same plays as those of Vashi ones, but we wished to tap this as a good opportunity to sensitize the masses (audience) about the plight of such children & more importantly our work…

The first play (Footpath) was on the similar theme & so we thought it might be bit easier to stimulate the audience (assuming, such a play will successfully stir up their conscience) & secondly, the short distance (Thane to Airoli) would further prove to be good advantage for the people willing to join our platform…

Amazing work by Raji, for converting our black & white, dull & lengthy appeal into a colorful eye-catchy & heart-warming one...Thank you so much Raji for this creative piece of work especially at a very short notice… (Freinds, i have marked her cc)

We wanted to get this translate into Marathi, keeping into mind the target audience, but unfortunately Richa suddenly got unwell & we had to move on with English stuff itself.. But good that Raji had kept the appeal very simple one though quite impacting…

I & Arun gathered at our centre at 9.30. Eight children were selected….Except Vinod & Ganesh, everyone was excited for their first turn...Shenu, Venkatesh, Akash, Govind, Anil (small) & you wont believe---Mukesh! Yes, fortunately we could rope him in with us….. {Let’s pray that we don’t lose him again…}

While Sachin met us at Thane station, Tejal was instructed to hold on while getting down at Airoli station. We boarded the same train & forming groups crossed the heavily crowded bridge. I stayed back to get the Xerox work done, while the rest headed for the show…It took about 40 minutes for the color Xeroxes, meanwhile the gang over there had already occupied the backstage (We saved on tickets front & anyways we were part of the climax scene)…Reena too joined us soon, leaving aside her office work… We hope she did not have any tough time with her boss l8r ;-)

While on one side I was enjoying the act (I even played the role of public in this play… though didn’t receive any compensation for this ;-)) & smiles & cheers on the faces of our children, the other side—was very touched by the efforts taken by Sachin, Reena & Tejal for the speech. The climax was that a boy from the footpath dies in an accident & his spirit urges the masses for the support hence forth at least for his comrades….. This will pave the way for our entry along with the real-heroes, allowing us make a 2-minute appeal to audience about LEAD. While Arun hesitated to join us & I kept mum, our 3 marathi volunteers delivered a short, crisp & impacting speech… & there went the shutter down amidst the loud applause...

It was an interval time for the audience & of course the real testing time for LEAD… Sachin & Arun assisted Sachin Pawar for the stage set-up of his next play, while I, Reena & Tejal spread around the audience with xeroxes & started talking to almost every family …. First outside & then within the audi… fortunately, the longer interval acted as good bonus for us… While my target was to cover the maximum crowd, however Reena & Tejal were very patient & courteous in explaining them…. To drop in at our place once, see our activities, whys, whats, websites, contacts, etc…Excellent work by them..!!!

Sachin & Arun were waiting out for us with the excited children... We joined them merrily, hoping to get some queries soon…. After taking some snaps, we headed for Thane station…Noting that children were hungry a bit, we had the Mango juice… children happily gulped down the fruit…. (I guess this was their first time!) Meanwhile, a small sweet girl tugged my shirt begging for a penny & we involved her too in the party…

While we had to wait about 20 minutes for the train, children seems had a wonderful time together on the platform… {Do check this cool snap…} How innocently they sit on the floor, laughing, gossiping, least bothered by the staring eyes of the world…

We are still waiting for that 1st call from the audience……!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to our snaps:

& these are some of the funny/touchy interactions with/among our children… that i thought you would love to read...

Thane platform while heading for the last compartment:

Pointing towards the blue colored striped First class ladies compartment, Mukesh says,” yeh ladies log ka hai na? Isme hum chad sakte hain? Main 1-2 baar isme chada hoon”.. Ganesh hits a sixer ” Abbey, Isme chadega to police tujhe dandda maaregi” ;-)
Friday evening, I had taken Mukesh, Sanesh & Vinod to Sachin Pawar for the rehersal..

Our volunteers Sachin & Tejal too joined us…While on the way back to home,

1) I was trying to persuade Vinod that he has to convince his brother Rahul & sister Renuka to take the responsibility of her two siblings Anita & Monika…If Madhuri doesn’t come, we wont take Vinod too….

Ganesh replied immediately,” Sir, Please Vinod ko aane do naaa..Vinod rahega to mere o himmat rehtaa hai … ;-)

Vinod says,” Sir, Madhuri mujhe bolti hai…Main kab badi houngi…mujhe kab baahar lekar jaayega ??? ;-(

2) I & the 3 children stopped at an icecream wala near Sector-3 garden….

Ganesh happily tells me,,” Sir, kal mera bhai Surya gaav se aa raha hai!” Pleasantly surprised, I asked him,” Good, lekin baaki do bhai ko kyon nahin laaya?” Gansh replies,” Sir, woh bahut khaataa hai… itnaa paisa nahin hai hamare paas”

Pointing to Vinod I replied, “ Vinod ke ghar pe 8 bhai behen hai..tere se bhi chhota ghar hai…” Ganesh replied sadly,” Sir, Uske ghar pe baap hai :-(

Somehow, I managed to change the sad mood. ..


Children wee insisting to see the other two plays too.. While we tried to cajole them saying, they had already seen this…& now next time , you have to be on the stage for acting…. Ganesh replied,: Sir, isiliye to bol raha hai…. Wahan pe baad mein acting kar na hai na…Isiliye aur ek baar dekhna hai !!!!
I don’t know, what triggered this topic but suddenly some of the children especially Madhuri & Shainki started throwing some strange questions upon me…

Sir, aapko bachcha hai?? Aapka shadi ho gaya ??

This didn’t end when replied in negative…. Sir, humko aapke shaadi mein bulayega ??
Arun, me & 8 children-- after getting down at Airoli station fromThane----

1) Sachin would have showed them the magnificient Patni building & complex, & also that their Arun Sir works there…

Mukesh asks Arun , “ Sir, aap kya kaam karta hai??” Ganesh jokes, “ Sir kya begaari (daily wage labor) kaaam karega kya ?? ;-) We replied that he is an engineer…

Mukesh’s gets more curious.. Woh building banaata hai kya ?? “ Nahin, who computer pe kaam karte hain ! While Arun nicely uses this opportunity to encourage them for becoming a software engineer… Mukesh heads for me and asks , “ aap kaunsa engineer hai?? [So, now he feels that all of us are engineers??? ;-)] “I am an electronics engineer”…Mukesh says, “Oh!. fridge, TV , mobile repairing karne ka ??” ;-)

2) While walking along, we passed by Priyanka hotel… & Vinod immediately screamed, “Sir, Priyanka hotel ! Priyanka teacher ka naam hai na !!!! “




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