Saturday, June 13, 2009

LEAD starts Bal-Vihar

Hi friends...

Luckily I could atend this session that I was missing since long...
It was just till about 7.15 or so.. But belive me, it was a fantastic journey !!

When I entered the session, the atmospehere was already something very different....

They were talking about Ramayan, about 4 obedient brothers Ram, Bharat etc, their 3 mothers who used to 'share' all the things happily... playing intersting games like
Children have to act as per the instructions..If 'Ram' then stretch their arms shaping bow & arrow, if 'Krishna' then flute & simlarly 'Ganpati' & others..

They recited some very good prayers (unfortunately, never heard by me! ) , some very simple songs (or bhajans? ) but nicely converted in the form of interseting games so that children enjoy as well as learn them....
Dr.Gitanjali & Anupa teacher explained them the importance of praying before meals, Maruti distributed prasad to all the children in the end ... (If I am not wrong, the ladies had even brought the photos of god)

So if you wnat to clear out some of your mytholigical/spiritual fundas (like why shatrugna & laxman were twins brothers?, why we tell Omm Shanti thrice ? & much more) but that too in a fun filled intesting way, then do drop in on Tuesday for Bal-Vihar !!!!


Hi friends,

This is Anupa Dutta . I would like to share with u what Balvihar is.
It is an organisation started by Swami Chinmayanand.This mission helps the children to lead the correct path, but also serve as an arena of glee & mirth. These Vihars train the children & inculcate into them a reverence for our ancient culture an aspiration to live up to it. In short it is Moral Science.

In this class at LEAD in airoli We start the session with OMKAR then tell what good things can be done with our hands. This is followed by any moral story or stories from our Epics ,stotram bhajan wherein the meaning is explained.There are also small games eg memory games Quiz.

At the end of the session we offer prasad to Lord Ganesh.This prasad is distributed among children by one of them .

This session was conducted by Dr. Gitanjali Taori.Hope this will help our children to grow into good, confident individuals.


Best regards
Anupa Dutta

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  1. Hello Madam, I will try my best to attend one of the session of Bal vihar as I found it to be a new learning experience.