Monday, July 20, 2009

Going for Greener Tomorrow

Hi friends...
This is Rupesh, part of LEAD team who particpated in this Green-gang along with Arth..
JD has almost took my words ;-) So hardly left to say anything..
But will surely mention about the profound happiness we experienced not just because of this plantation drive but also because we got to meet & interact with another like-minded volunteer group who too belives in 'Being the change to see the change'.....
Environment education also forms an imp. part of the entire education and we have been mulling over this since we started LEAD....Frankly, it could not have been better than this--I am sure, the best part that all of us would agree is that we all could also inculcate the importance of greenary/ climate in the young impressionable minds of our children... Though we could involve only 6 of them in this event, but we are soon going to assign these leaders the responsibility of taking this initiave forward in their  unhygienic surroundings...involving the entire 40+ enthusiastic & energetic young, watch out for this exciting space.....
Not to mention the trip was excellently planned---logistics, snacks, everything ...JD, Harshal, Jigar, HP, Avita, Gauri, Arun & all -- great team-work....!!!  Also you will be happy to know that all the balance idlis (almost 30-40) were given to our children for the entire community...
Have uploaded some snaps in our picasa albums... Here is the link--
Eagerly looking forward to particpate with Arth in more exciting events in future....

Cheers !!!

On 7/13/09, Jaydeep Dhamecha <> wrote:
Arth: Go green with Hariyali!

Hi Arthians,

There is so much that we have taken away from the nature without returning anything. We realize it when we see the impact of it in the form of water shortage, delayed rains, summers getting hotter(even in cities like Mumbai).

Go green is a phrase that we heard when we went for the event, and carried it in our hearts when we returned.

Our appearance may be modest but our spirits certainly reached the sky.
The day of the event was marked with plantation of around 1500 saplings at Bhavale forest land near Kalyan.
This hurricane task was handled by Arth along with the involvement of LEAD members and college students that came there through Hariyali.

Arth again made an impact because of your presence. Thanks to everyone for being a part of this.

Special thanks to Mr. Punam Singavi (President of Hariyali-Thane ) for allowing us to be a part of this drive.

Hope to see you all in our next event!


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