Monday, October 5, 2009

Gandhi Jayanti celebrations

On the eve of today i.e. 2nd October i.e. GANDHI JAYANTI. Children’s learned about MAHATMA GANDHI & also some values & the principles practised by him throughout his life. They felt the change & that thrust to come to LEAD when all the volunteers were there for the support & care for them, who were actively involved in all the activities organised for the children’s in-order to make them understand the importance of this day.

All the co-ordination started yesterday when we SIESCOMites & few other volunteers (Deepali, Prachi) decided the activities that we are supposed to conduct today (as already mentioned in the previous report). We intimated the same to the students of morning batch to come at 2pm on 2nd & also the things they have to come prepared with. (Drawing materials, poetry for the competition)

RUPESH intimated about it to all the volunteers by SMS & e-mails. It was also said to all the volunteers of the afternoon & evening batch to inform about it to their respective batches so that they can come prepared with. Also KAILASH is supposed to arrange the TV for the movie.

Today the day started at 10am, when we SIESCOMites left for the CLASS to prepare for the day activities & also to continue with the creativity on the walls.

Prepared the sequence of the events, chart of “GANDHI-JAYANTI”, did some wall-painting, tried to decide gifts (though, muddled).

Ooopphhh, the kids, our eyes widened when MALLESH made the entry, we assumed that something is going to happen wrong. Some kids comment on our painting saying “CHHATRI” to the “FLOWER” that we were making on the wall. With that comment, we understand that we are not making anything great. We really felt the absence of RUPESH that time, only he can handle these kids. We closed the shutter & made ourselves isolated to work peacefully (obviously, it was of no use again).

Clock clicked 1:30pm, no volunteers. We called Kailash who was supposed to bring the TV (important part of the day), said “reaching in few minutes”; called Rupesh, said “reaching in few minutes”. We said “ok, we are waiting”.

Clock clicked 2pm, no volunteers. We called Kailash who was supposed to bring the TV, said “reaching in few minutes”; called Rupesh, said “reaching in few minutes”. We said again “ok, we are waiting”.

Ultimately KAILASH came at 02:30pm; we made children’s sit inside the classroom. Rupesh came after few minutes; along with him were the point of attraction: the FOREIGNERS (2 women & 1 man volunteer from YOUTH VENTURE). Children’s forget us; not even seeing us, they were more interested in those aliens.

All children’s (around 30 in nos.) were looking quite happy with the crowd & the environment that was created inside. Quite few volunteers started gathering, some of them were the new faces for us, interacted with most of them for the 1st time.

Started with the prayer. A ma’am (teacher from the nearby school) started with the speech on MAHATMA GANDHI from the children’s point of view; it was quite attractive for the kids, and also they responded well, learned well. Lasted for about 45minutes. Good start start’s with good education.

We had also downloaded the slide-show of the pics on “LIFE OF MAHATMA GANDHI” with the music behind (it was on the laptop, the expected effect was not there because the TV was still on the way).

Ultimately the TV – “LCD TV”, great to see. Expectations built again.

The FOREIGNERS - looking quite happy, quite interested externally, quite concerning & quite curious. The guy from Thailand was the DIRECTOR OF SHORT MOVIES who also was preparing the movie of this event at LEAD. Other 2 women were sharing their experiences with our volunteers. The environment was quite interesting.
The class was packed, all volunteers overflowed outside the class. Stepping inside the class means stepping in the local-train.

Ultimately the LCD TV Started. We run the PANTALOONS-LEAD-Navratri event video (given by PANTALOONS – edited to a movie by us). Kids felt like involving again. They were trying to identify & were finding themselves in the video; finding themselves on TV amused them. They were just about to stick to the TV. It’s safe yet, the LCD.

We started with the POETRY competition, very nice to see the students prepared well & were actively participating & that too without the fear of peer/teachers/crowd.

Everyone recited the poetry well & all said different poetry (that was well done). We experienced that Rahul came 3 times (smart, he wanted to increase his chances of winning).

Oops, the lights? Everything paused. Today we realised that a person from the electricity department must also be the part of LEAD. Everyone sweating. TV dead. Children alive again, were steering us.

In the mean time, we decided to continue with the “passing the parcel game”. Played. Everyone who is out need to act/sing/dance; when out, Rahul hopped (smart again, that was the simplest way to escape).

Good participation & healthy competition. Good to see children’s following the rules peacefully & supporting each other & getting out at their own will. Last 2 remaining were VINOD & MADHURI (both brother/sister). Both were celebrating the coincidence by giving pat to each other. Good to see the smiles on both the faces.

MADHURI won the “passing the parcel” game. VINOD was not accepting. Madhuri seems to be feeling bad for it (her face shows all); if Vinod might have argument more, Madhuri would have definitely handed over the crown to her brother. But result is result – as Vinod understood “honesty is the best policy” that what we wanted everyone to know – accept the situation & the result & then work accordingly – GANDHI’s principle.

(LIGHT’s came in between. Not a big issue, as everyone was involved much in the game.)

That all happened with the hungry stomach. Than the snacks, arranged by volunteers – Samosa & Jalebi. Everyone forget each other for the moment. Everyone felt relieved with that plate.

Than the last shot, the main shot, for which the children were waiting desperately, for which the TV was present, the MOVIE – “MY FRIEND GANESHA”.

Children stuck to their place for 2.5 hrs. Eyeballs constantly on the TV. But it was needed as that movie contains lot of values & principles teaching & also the practical results of having these traits.

In the mean time, all the volunteers were quite busy in interacting, knowing each-other, a good day to do that. Rarely do we see all the volunteers present at the same time at the same place.

Movie ended. Children’s wanted to see another one. We felt that we were successful today by having that feeling in the children’s soul even at the end of the day.

Greeted everyone, every student, every volunteer & everyone said to continue with the good work for these kids anytime at any point of our lives.

All in all a very good day & celebration again, very nice to see all the enthusiastic & passionate volunteers present there, for they took out almost the whole day for this celebration with kids.

Thank u all for your esteemed presence, support & care.

Thank u GANDHIJI for all the values u left behind & also the day to actually track our values which gives us the thrust to work heartily for these children’s every other day


  1. I am so glad that occasions like Gandhi jayanti are known to our kids... they are getting an opportunity to learn all the festivals as well as have fun along the way!! cheers to LEAD!

  2. gr8 work by having such celebrations children do have fun and dey even come to know abt such gr8 leader of our country..........
    keep up da work

  3. LEAD leads the way with this. educating children's on other aspects of life as well. hats off to LEAD for making it happen & supporting.

  4. Friends its not just the event. Actually we always try to look for the opportunties to come out with more & more activities for our kids at LEAD. So we try to celebrate all the major events & festivals throughout the year.

  5. Have to mention special thanks to gaurav and team for pulling this off in such a great way and also congrats to LEAD TEAM.