Sunday, November 22, 2009

Children's Day Celebrations

Dhan Te Nan..!!!

This year's Children's Day arrived with a bang!! Never had I been so excited about 14th of November till this year.. After all the dicussions about the planning, arguments about the events & suggestions about the snacks, here we were... enjoying the day with all our kids!!

Thanks to Rupesh's efforts & Jai Ambe Mahila Mandal’s co-operation, this time we didn't have to worry about the accomodation of all our kids & volunteers, as they permitted us to use their big hall in Sector-3 (Airoli) for our celebrations. So, with the help of some of our volunteers, all the kids gathered at the hall by 4pm. Rajlakshmi & Neha had taken up the job of beautifying the hall for the event. By the time all the arrangements were done, Archana Ma'am had arrived with the band of her 20 cute & smart tuition-kids, who brought with them a great spirit & whose smiles charged up the atmosphere.. :)

Thanks to Arun2 & Ramesh, we could make their traveling safe & comfortable in their cars. We also had, in this fun-drive, few other little children from the nearby areas & their teachers who take up Anganwadi classes for them in this hall.

The celebrations began with the kids' favourite Rupesh Sir explaining the kids about Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru alias our own Chacha Nehru & the significance of Children's Day. He then tried to bridge the gap by asking each of the kids to introduce him/ herself to the rest of the kids (which worked really well :) :)

Then some of Archana Ma'am's students presented 2-3 melodious songs (with ACTION). The best performance came from the group that performed an amazing & super-cute dance on "Bam Bam Bole" (from the movie 'Taare Zameen Par'). A little kiddo who accompanied a volunteer brought a smile on everyone's face when he started jumping around spontaneously on the music. Following that performance were a couple of fabulous solo dances & a terrific show by the "Chhota Jadugar"- Ketan. All our kids were left wondering by the tricks. They still ask us the secret.. (which alas, even we dunno!!) :p

Kudos to Archana Ma'am for preparing all the dances & song sequences at such a short notice! The efforts paid off very well, as they inspired our kids to prepare something for the next celebrations!! :)

Then there was time for some "Abra Ca Dabra!!" i.e. the prime attraction of the evening i.e. THE MAGIC SHOW !! :D & our magician, Mr.Mohseen, was all set to charm our kids with his spells.. One by one he presented an array of magic tricks -- using cards, coins, ring, water & laddu -- which left the audience (including us volunteers) in total awe!! Hmmm...
The kids were all very enthusiastic & excited about participating in the tricks. The lucky ones - Rakesh, Malesh, Rahul - were beaming. Even Rupesh Sir (participating in a ring-trick) couldn't help but exclaim "AAILA... Ring kaha hai!!" ;)
In short, the magic show was pure fun!!
What an idea, Sumi Ma'am..!! :) A special thanks to Mr. Kashinath Manerikar (Sumi Madam’s friend) for sponsoring this show (Rs.1000/-) & Mr. Sanjeev Sathe for coming with his little son.

By this time all the kids were pretty hungry, but their worries were taken care of by all our lovely volunteers - Sumi Ma'am, Archana Ma'am, Patel Ma'am, Kartha Ma'am, Rajni Ma'am, Kailash Sir, Arun1, Arun2, Ramesh, Ashish, Ravi, Ashok, Prachi, Amruta, Deepali, Ganesh, Ruta, Chaitra, Som, Rajlakshmi, Neha, Manjula - who managed the tough task of making all of them sit properly & distributed snacks - garmagaram samosa, wafers, yummy cake & mango juice. The kids loved the cake so much, that some of them saved it for their younger siblings. Thank you Archana Madam; for handling the purchase of this food item & then even sponsoring it. All the used plates & glasses were collected in bags by Maruti. During that time, an enthusiastic new volunteer Ms. Devyani performed a very well-choreographed "Crazy Kiya Re..." for the kids. :)
Then it was time to wind up the celebrations with the National Anthem & it was truly touching to see all the kids standing together in pindrop silence in 4 queues when "Jana Gana Mana" was being played on a laptop. The smiles on their faces brought a feeling of satisfaction to us, but more important was the feeling of achievement that came from seeing the sense that they showed by staying so disciplined during the National Anthem.

Thanks to Mr. Vilas Shinde for extending his cooperation. He postponed his regular Karate classes in the hall by half an hour.

Kudos to all the volunteers!!

It was indeed a "HAPPY" Children's Day.....for us too!! :)
P.S. Thanks to the parents of Archana teacher’s Children who have donated Biscuits & Chocolates for our children in large quantities & A special thanks to the all their kids for everything - the songs, the mini-magic show, the dance performances, the solo performances, & last but not the least, for the sweet "Clap, Clap.." gig in the end which was a special gift for us volunteers!! :)

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  1. Congrats on the commendable event.

  2. This was great event!!! I hope Lead will keep up the tradition and celebrate more and more events with children every year :)

  3. hey guys ur work is real good. celebrating the occasion of the angels who wud hve actually been unaware of it othrwise. giving pleasure is wht the most satisfying job. hats off to u all

  4. The best day for our kids!! LEAD indeed is growing as an organization!! Our kids as well as the volunteers seemed to have a gr8 time.. Amazing efforts guys..

  5. sounds really gr8 wish i could have been a part of it...........

  6. Hi Everyone, it was a great fun to organize this event. This time we could manage everything effortlessly because of good initiatives by our volunteers. Looking forward for the X Mas Event.

  7. keep going guys..great job---Ateet