Friday, December 18, 2009

Visit to Fire Brigade

It was the amazing day when we all visited to fire bridgade. All LEAD children were so much enthusiastic and very eager to see firebriged office.

Firebriged office permitted us to visit on 17th December 2009 and agreed to help us in providing knowledge about their work to our children. The basic aim of the visit was that our children should know about the social services available in the society.

Kartha madam helped a lot us in conducting this event. Since it was a week day no other volunteers were free. So just three of us Karta madam, Amarish and Prachi arranged the whole event and made it successful.
All we gathered at LEAD center exactly on 10:00am. We made small groups of students and started our journey towards firebriged by around 10:15am. All students were so obedient that they followed all the instructions which were given to them and were behaving in well disciplined manner while moving towards firebriged office. Finally we reached their by 10:30am.

It was totally a new world for our LEAD children. They were looking here and there with lots of questions in their eyes. The firebriged staff welcomed us very nicely. They were also very much excited as it was their first experience to interact with such children.
They assigned two staff members to give all information about firebriged to our children. They first explained us about their different vans which they use for different purposes, their various systems and instruments. Then they showed each and every instrument in detail providing the demo and told us their use.

Children were not only hearing but also listening properly and grasping greatly as while questioning by firebridage people, they were very eager to answer what they understood. Some firebriged staff children also joined us and interacted with our LEAD children to share their little knowledge. And the ultimate thing was that we came to know that some of them used to catch snakes and cobras. Really great!!!
Firebriged officer motivated our children that after minimum education of 12th standard and by doing one course successfully they also can join firebriged and help people. They will get good salary as well as accommodation to their colony, hence by throwing a light of hope for their career and their better future.

We thanked all members of firebriged for sharing such great knowledge with our children and motivating them towards education. Then we distributed chocolates among all the children including children of firebriged staff.
Finally we returned to our LEAD center with a new hope of life in each child eyes.

Really, something is happening with our efforts. We are trying to initiate more concepts like this.


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  1. it was good to know that the children could see and learn about such instituions around them. next time when we are publishing the post, can someone proof-read the write-up besides the author as there are spelling mistakes which can be avoided (firebrigade). kudos, lead team & the management students for your efforts!! :)