Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Visit to Railway station

Transportation is one of the basic needs in today’s world & hence we thought that our LEAD children should know these public services like railway, bus etc. So we visited the railway station as railway system is one of the heart lines of Mumbai.

We all volunteer Kartha madam, Deepali madam, Veenita madam, Amarish, Prachi, Amey, Kshitish, Kunal & Virendra and all our LEAD children gathered at LEAD center by 10:00 am. We divide all the children into groups and allocate volunteer to each group. We gave the basic instructions to children about how to go to the railway station, what we are going to do there. Children were very much excited to go there.
We started for railway station by 10:15am and reached there by around 10:30am. All children were standing in row and were behaving in much disciplined manner.

Kshitish and Amarish went to meet station master for asking the permission. He was very friendly and given the free entry to all of us in the railway station.
Firstly all children were made aware that ticket is compulsory for any kind of use of railway services and hence we first showed them the ticket counter. They were taught how tickets are collected at counter by standing in queue & by making proper payment. We also told them about how to ensure that their ticket and its cost are correct. Then, they all were taken see how platform is located of desired destinations by showing them the LED displays. Students were so sharp that they were grasping all information very quickly.

Then we took them to platform and made them aware about different compartments of trains, first class and second class positions. Within 8-10 minutes next train was expected and hence we were waiting for it.
Kartha madam, prachi were asking questions to children and solving their doubts. They also told children about how to cross the platform by using bridges. Children were very much eager to travel through the train. But we assured them that we will take them next time.

After some time train arrived on the platform. We showed them how people travel through train every day. Then, finally we left the station and returned to LEAD center by 12:00pm. Children had their regular snacks and then all went to their school for sharing their today’s experience with other friends.
We felt that we were successful today by having that feeling in the children’s soul even at the end of the day.
Today we sterling College Students, Greeted everyone, every student, every volunteer & everyone said to continue with the good work for these kids anytime at any point of our lives.
All in all a very good day , very nice to see all the enthusiastic & passionate volunteers present there, for they took out almost the Morning day for the visit of Railway Station Day with kids.
Thank u all for your esteemed presence, support & care.

Thank u all those LEAD VOLUNTEERS for the Morning day they spend with sterling college student and also with LEAD STUDENT. The value which gives us the thrust to work heartily for these children’s every other day.


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