Thursday, January 28, 2010

Republic Day Celebration

26th January 2010.

The day started very early with most of the volunteers – Priyanka, Binjal, Chaitra, Gaytri & her mom, Shrija, Arun, Kailash, Rupesh, Dipesh, Shruti, Nikita, Prajakta, Sadanad, Sanjeev, Shilpa, Ramesh, Padaale Sir, Kamlesh & 3 NSS students from Rupesh’s college -- arriving at the centre at 9 am. The children were very excited to come back from their schools after having attended the flag-hoisting ceremony. They changed quickly and were ready.

The event was held at the community hall in sector-2 near the Dynandeep school, which was given to us by the local Corporator. Kailash and a few others were already present there decking up the hall and making it ready for the celebration. Ramesh helped in the shifting the materials in his car. The event began with a few videos relating to the country and the republic day like the republic day parade, information about India’s monuments, its culture, languages, etc. It was good to see that the children knew most of the monuments shown and were telling the names loudly!

After a few trial and errors with regard to the film screening, we finally saw a part of the animated film- Spirit and the children enjoyed it. One of the highlights of the day was that the children were wearing new clothes sponsored by ‘Arth’ volunteers recently and they looked really cute!! Thanks to our volunteers Chandan & Vidya for their beautiful collection. They had gone all the way to UlhasNagar for the shopping of these apparels. Next was a beautiful group dance performace by our dancer Simran & Kailash’s daughter Manisha and we all really loved it on the song, “Des Mera Rangeela… ” Thanks to our volunteers (dance teachers) Priyanka & Shrija & of course the lady behind their beautiful get-up – Our Damayanti teacher!

For the first time in any of our events, lunch was given to all the children, courtesy ‘Arth’. It was heartening to see the children enjoying the meal consisting of Puris, Chhole sabzi, Rice, Dal Fry and Jalebis :-)

There a small incident also, where our child Sunita hurt her toenail while playing in the ground outside and it came off and she was crying a lot. A few volunteers took her to Murudkar hospital nearby and the nurse gave her first-aid and suggested she take an injection to prevent any infection as a rusted iron piece had hurt her. At the mention of the injection, she tried to get away from the place, and it was a tough task for us to stop her from leaving and getting her to take it. Thankfully, it all lasted a very short time and she was calmer after the shot was administered.

Next, there was a flag drawing competition for all the children and some really came up with innovative drawings and ideas. Some had changed the colours of the national flag ! It wasn’t an easy task to select the best 10, but we managed. There was a prize-distribution ceremony afterwards where prizes were given to the winners of the sports day held a month back which the MBA students (interns) from Sterling College had helped organize. It was great to know that there were a few children who had won in almost all the competitions. Every child got a prize and also there was something given to the ones who didn’t win in any of the sports. Prizes for the flag drawing and the poetry recital which were held on the same day were also given. The prizes too were sponsored by the Arth volunteers. Thanks to our lovely volunteers Shruti & Nikita, for taking up the complete responsibility of this prize distribution including the planning, purchasing & gift-wrapping.

Following is the list of Prizes that were given to our children:

Kids who have won 5 times ( 5kids) - A big,cartoony writing pad.
Kids who have won 4 times (9kids) - A plate and napkin
Kids who have won 3 times (6kids) - A color\drawing book and chocolate
Kids who have won 2 times (2kids)- Kids toweL
Kids who have won 1 time (4 kids)- 2 girls(Pouch and chocolate) 2 guys (ball and chocolate)

It was 4 pm by the time the event came to a closure and we started packing up and it surely was a memorable day. Again, first time, all the volunteers had sat together & had the lunch. Ashish too joined us by now & helped us in the shifting part. I would like to thank all the LEAD volunteers & Arth volunteers – Binoy, Amit & his friend -- present there, who helped make the event successful due to the hard work that they put into the day.



  1. Well done team !! Keep it up..
    This being the first such event on a grand scale..Movie, Lunch etc..Even Our childen looked so beautiful in the new clothes !!Thanks to Arth team for sponsoring the event..

  2. It was really fun. We all had a gr8 time. Thanks to all you could make it to make it happen.
    Jai Ho!!

  3. Good Works folks.

  4. Hey friends, this event was really great & thanks to ARTH, we could do everything we had planned for this event. I am sure all the children & volunteers will really have good memory of this day.Looking forward to many more such occsions.

  5. Great job !!!!!!!!!