Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sports Day

It was the dream day of all LEAD children when for the first time they were finding themselves playing and competing with one another with fun. It was nothing but the “SPORTS DAY” of LEAD children. All children were waiting too long for such a day.

We arranged the sports day on Saturday, 12th December 2009 as all school going children were free on Saturday afternoon. Our volunteers Kshitish, kunal, Amey, Virendra, Amarish and prachi planned all the activities and made all possible arrangements required for conducting these activities.
We planned different activities like long run, langadi, potato race, book balancing and spoon lemon race. Thanks to Saroj teacher for her suggestions.
All children gathered at Gaondevi maidan which is placed near our LEAD center by 3:00pm. All were very much excited to play and to take part in all games. We also invited all other LEAD volunteers for this event. And we are thankful to all volunteers who came for this event and made our event more successful.

Children were very much eager to play and so they were moving here and there in maidan. Finally by taking little strict action we gathered them all at one place. All children were divided in groups as per their age and gave them some instructions.

So, finally we started with our games. The first event was running race...The first group came forward and each member took his position. Everyone was concentrating on the whistle sound so that he could win. Kunal, Amey and Kshitish were noting the results of each event. Amarish, Prachi and Virendra were explaining and directing children about each game. They were also monitoring each activity with help of other volunteers. We also offered some prices to them. All other LEAD children were shouting and motivating their friends to win.
Then the activities like potato race, langadi, spoon lemon race are carried out for each group. Children were enthusiastically playing each game. The potato race was so funny that the children were in so hurry to collect potatoes, they collect others potatoes too and hence it was fun to all.
Finally the time came to the most exciting game “Tug-Of-War”. It was took place on grass lawn to avoid injuries. In all rounds of these game children were trying so hard and was too funny to see their faces, their expressions and willingness for winning the game.
Finally we ended with all th games and gathered at our LEAD center again.
We felt that we were successful today by having the feeling in the children’s soul even at the end of the day.

Today we ,Sterling College Students, Greeted everyone, every student, every volunteer & everyone said to continue with the good work for these kids anytime at any point of our lives.

All in all a very good day , very nice to see all the enthusiastic & passionate volunteers present there, for they took out almost the Full day for this Sport Day Event with kids.

Thank u all for your esteemed presence, support & care.


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