Saturday, February 27, 2010

Killi-Killi Kollo-Kollo

It was yet another eventful day for the LEADs as a bunch of us went to attend the show held on 27th February at Byculla. The event was organized for the kids for whom they had got two clowns from Spain named Kili Kili and Kolo Kolo to entertain them.

The day kicked off with Patel madam taking charge of getting the kids into their new attires. It was an exciting start to the day with every one of them looking as cute as only children can. Groups of 2 kids each were made and they were asked to hold each other’s hands and take care of their partners for the journey, and they listened to us till the entire journey was completed .

It was decided to take around 35 kids to the event since there were constraints with the number of volunteers and also since we planned to commute using public transport. We caught the 12:40 train from Airoli and reached Thane within ten minutes. From Thane, we got a starting train by which we reached Byculla. Once there, we split the group into 5 taxis to reach Famous Studios.

The fun began as soon as we reached!! Many other kids from different NGO’s joined us. As the kids stood in line waiting to get registered, the clowns came out to entertain them right there. The children got a chance to get their faces painted and were also given masks to wear. To say the least, it was a totally adorable sight. Once inside, we noticed that the venue was aptly decorated for the occasion with ample use of colors and embroidery on the walls and curtains. There were mattresses neatly arranged for the kids to sit. By 2:30 pm, the show had started.

The clowns were thorough professionals and extremely good at what they did. They were incredibly interactive with the kids and made sure that the place resembled a laugh riot. Surely, any anxieties or baggage that anyone would have carried into the venue were duly forgotten.

Once the clowns were done, it was time for the kids to take charge. Children from Pragati NGO put up a very special performance, and their awesome stunts made way to our hearts. Another bunch of kids put up a performance wherein they danced and played music themselves i.e drums !! There was also a piece by a group of girls on the song “Jai Ho” from “Slumdog Crorepati”. It was endearing to watch the little angels groove to the tune with their little ‘matka jhatkas’. At last all the kids from all the NGO’s were told to form a line and wave looking at the Camera as the organizers wanted to make a Documentary on NGO’s.

The entertainment was followed by snacks for all with the menu comprising burgers and cakes. The kids seemed to enjoy the food as much as they did the performance of the clowns. It is worth mentioning the efforts of the organizers who remained helpful throughout. It was a day well spent for everyone involved, thanks to Kili Kili and Kolo Kolo!!!

It was combined efforts of all our volunteers Arun, Manjula, Amruta, Keerthi, Babu, Patel madam, Priyanka , Binjal..because of which it was such a great success.

Cheers to Everyone


  1. Its been a long time, I havent partcipated in any of the Outings with our children....
    But cant afford to miss this fun-drive next time for sure :-)

    Great Job LEADers.. Keep it Up !!