Monday, March 8, 2010

Fund Raising Events

12th Feb 2010 Friday
Patni Computers Systems, Airoli

The Event we were planning for a few days had finally worked out. We got a chance to organise our first main scale Fund-Raising event. Courtesy of our fellow volunteers from Patni, we put up our stall at the Patni computers, Airoli.

Volunteers Vidya, Rupesh, Kailash, Priyanka, Binjal and I, reached the centre at 10 in the morning and wrapped up the remaining candles, picked up the materials and left for the company. We reached the company at 11:30AM, where we met our Patni volunteer Arun1 , who helped us with the security procedures & directing to the stall.

Thanks to our other Patni volunteer Sandeep who had put up our LEAD fliers across - near the canteen, etc for the wider outreach.

We started setting up the stall and hadn’t yet done with it when people already started to pour in. We received amazing response. The materials we sold were candles made by the ladies of our community. We sold the basic stick and coloured designer candles. We also sold home made chocolates that we bought through one of our volunteers. In the chocolate section we sold six types of chocolates-- plain, truffle, mocha mousse, coconut, mint and dry fruits. Also we had big chocolates boxes of heart shape.

We interacted with many Patni employees and explained to them about the LEAD. Dipesh and Priyanka(Dance Teacher) later joined us in the second half and we also sold products from a company named “My Kids Arena” That was a few hand puppets and some wooden puzzles which also received a good response.

All the volunteers who took part had put in lot of efforts to make this event successful. The 1980 chocolates put up for sale were wrapped by our volunteers priyanka, binjal, dipesh, chandan, sadanand, amruta, shrija, kamlesh and I -- spending about three days in wrapping the chocolates at mulund.

Special Thanks to Chandan our fellow volunteer who took the initiative and gave us the idea of selling these chocolates. She was also the one who had arranged for them and I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sheetal and her family who took a great effort in making these chocolates and also in hosting these volunteers well through out the chocolate wrapping in their own house.

After interacting with many employees and receiving good response from the company. Rupesh, Priyanka (Dance Teacher) and me winded up at 6 pm from Patni and also thanks to our fellow volunteer Dhaval who helped us in transporting the left over material back to the centre.

In total we collected Rs.14000/- (Cost Price of Chocolates = Rs.11, 425/-) out of which Rs.3000/- was to be given to “My Kids Arena” )

25th Feb 2010 Thursday
NMIMS college, Ville Parle

This was our 2nd college fund raising event after SIESCOMS Nerul, PRERANA 2010. Priyanka (Dance Teacher) and I had gone to Narsee Monjee Institute Of Management Studies, Ville Parle to sell our LEAD products.

We are very thankful to our volunteer Ashish and Akash ( from NMIMS) for helping us to set up for this event.

Dhaval, our fellow volunteer as usual helped us in transporting the material from airoli ( centre ) to Vashi. Priyanka and I left to Ville Parle from vashi at 9:30AM and we reached the college at 11:00AM, we setup the stall with help from Akash and were done in 5 minutes.

The event “Sadbhavna 2010” had started. It was an event organised by NMIMS students to create awareness about the social responsibilities. There was also another NGO who had set up a stall at the event.

After we settled down we waited for students to come, Sadly we didn’t receive much response only a handful of products were sold and the total collection came up to Rs: 500. The best part was that we got to interact with the students and teachers. Although we found many interested people they all cited the problem of distance and commutation even then there were three to four of them who were really interested and took our contact details.

In the mean while we interacted with the other NGO and got ot know that their work is to promote such products and help the manufacturing NGO to sell it. We also interacted with two “Hobby Ideas” Teachers who were interested to teach at our NGO.

We also tried to pitch about giving experience certificates , weekend classes and Sunday activity classes. However all we can expect now is to get some good response from the people with whom we interacted there.
We left the college by 5pm, waiting for their T-Shirt painting competition to conclude. Overall the event was a good experience.

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    Request you to give me the name of the NGO that makes chocolates. Pls share the contact details so that we can get in touch with them. Thanks in advance. I saw this in your post...."We also sold home made chocolates that we bought through one of our volunteers. In the chocolate section we sold six types of chocolates-- plain, truffle, mocha mousse, coconut, mint and dry fruits. Also we had big chocolates boxes of heart shape."

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