Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holi Celebration

Hello Friends, Hope you had a great Holi. Just updating about the small function we organized yesterday at LEAD.

Rupesh, me, Arun, Patel Madam informed all the children about our function at 6 PM & accordingly almost all the children turned up before 6 PM. As sector 3 children were missing Arun & me again went there & bought them.
We arranged Sweets (Laddoos) & Biscuits from our regular sweet shop. Although nothing was planned for the day, we really had a great time with the children. Keerti,Sadanand & our new dance teacher Guddi also turned up. As lot of children are good in singing their traditional songs, we asked them to come forward & sing in front of all. Rahul was the first to start & later to our surprise we had Laxmi singing beautifully in her mother tounge for almost 5 minutes non stop.

After this we simply turned on our Music system & almost every one started dancing. For the first time we could see our own Rupesh sir & Arun sir dancing with the children. Keerti was most comfortable in dancing with the children. After almost an hour later we distributed the sweet & biscuits to the children. It was really nice to see children enjoying this moment & we all left the centre at 8 PM. My friend Preetam came along with me to Sector 20 to distribute the sweets to our new kids Reshma & her brothers.


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  1. Thanks Kailash for sharing these happy moments...
    yes, finally I & Arun had to dance to the tunes of our children...

    Our volunteers Kirti, Guddi & Sadanand will agree with me, that it was our Kailash Sir who was the real show-stealer....I & Kailash stay in the same apartment..I had seen him dancing a while in the morning time during our society holi celebration...
    But the energy levels & enthusiasm with which he shook his body with our children....Mind-blowing !!!

    LEAD Dance teachers,
    Hope you are noting this point :-)