Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sandoz company visits LEAD for their community week celebrations

Thanks Raveena for drafting this beautiful report and Chaitra for uploading the snaps.

hii friends
Well we were informed by our RUPESH sir that 6 to 7 members fron SANDOZ COMPANY were going to visit LEAD on wednesday 21st april to see the kids.... they were to be at centre by 10:30am so all the kids were asked to be there by 10:00... well !!! all of them were there at time all "dressed up" to welcome members from SANDOZ COMPANY ... the kids sat eagerly waiting for the guests..

To begin with we were kinda suprised to see like around 20 something members well they were welcomed by our kids and volunteers ( PATEL MAM,MANISHA TEACHER,GAYATRI'S MOM,DEEPESH,GUDI,RAVEENA)....then we kinda had a introductory session in which the member from SANDOZ COMPANY introduced themselves to kids and volunteers and then the volunteers introduced themselves to the members.. then we were given some chocolates and waffers to munch on so as to warm up a bit for interactive session....which was fun !!!!!

kids sang some poetrys.. songs, some of them even sang their regional song which was quite interesting.....[ well v do hve potential singers in lead.... :) ]..they had loads of fun.. the kids were given gifts for their perfomance which encouraged others also to participate.... we also had deepesh one of our volunteers who sang poetry.. then was time for lunch...they had brought yummy gulab jamuns,pattice and biryani for the kids..well it was kinda nice to see the members having lunch with the kids,interacting with them... playing with them,, cracking jokes with the...getting so involved with them... SANDOZ COMPANY members donated clothes, biscuits,crayons,waffers,money.. out of these things it was the time that they had taken to be with the kids and interact with them which was important... WE THANK SANDOZ COMPANY MEMBERS FOR SPENDING THEIR TIME WITH THE KIDS,INTERACTING WITH THEM... AND ALSO FOR THE GIFTS AND DONATION.. .

Here is the link to the snaps of the event:


Thank You Sandoz team for your love,care and affection for our children. Though we appreciate your all the donations - Clothes, Snacks, Craft materials, Note-Books, Health Tonics and even Rs.10,000/- of cash (A BIG SURPRISE!), but we are even more grateful to you for sparing some ' TIME' for our children.....

Thanks for making our children's day.... :-)

Our team would love to hear from you about your experiences of that day and even any suggestions that may enrich our work of community service further....

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers - esp. students, housewives and senior citizens-- without whom these would not have been possible on a weekday. Arun and Harsha had in fact drove down to this event for few minutes half the way from their offices.

And Special Thanks to Shobha Madam (Founder of Arambh NGO) for recommending us to Sandoz.
We would always need your guidance and support in our endeavour.


Thanks & Regards

Rupesh S Gesota

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop"..... Mother Teresa

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