Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rifle shooting session

It all started with a small idea and ended with a bang and fun filled day…..

15th may 2010

Our riffle-shooting session began at 10am as decide. As a weekend there were a good number of volunteers who gathered to add to the fun and enthusiasm of our kids.

Pravin sir as  usual was a treat to the children. We  began preparing for our riffle shooting session at exact 10am we made use of huge cartons and rag clothes to make our target……we blew balloons and here our targets were ready for the go.

Pravin sir explained our children the entire head to tail concept of the working of a riffle… he also simplified the concept of directions,force and pressure to our children with the help of a hollow pen and sum seeds….
The riffle shooting began at 11am. Unexpectedly, there were almost 35 children……we missed the sector 17 children although.

All our children were divided in to three teams
Team A headed by Kuheli teacher
Team B headed by Dipesh sir
Team C headed by Shreya teacher
Each children were given 3 chances each to shoot at the target. All played really well.

This session brought in the funda of concentration and aim. It helped in getting out the hand and eye coordination of all of us, unfortunately the riffles were too big for few of our children hence the session couldn’t prolong for a long time. We wrapped up our day with snacks at around 2.00pm
All our children had a great time to learn and experiment such a wonderful adventure.

In all it was a great session and was a great recreation for our children and volunteers….We await for more such sessions and sure all  the efforts and praises goes to OUR LEAD TEAM who put together such a task and of course Pravin sir who devoted his time to teach us this and be with us.


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