Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toys Distribution

Hello friends.....

As we all know, we had received a good collection of toys from Pantaloon (CentreOne Mall, Vashi ) and New Horizon Public School, Airoli few weeks back...  But we had to hold on for a while, due to the unavailability of our Sec-17 children.

Finally, we could bring around smiles of their faces with these beautiful items on Sunday 27th June 2010.
No wonder, we could witness seamless curiosities and zeal in the eyes of our children and a consequent total chaos in the class ;-)
So yes, it was a Task !!!  :-)

You can catch their reaction in these snaps....

Special Thanks to the donors for their lovely contribution....

Presentation on Birds/ Bio-Diversity

Hi Everyone !!

Here is a small account of the wonderful time we had this saturday 10th July at the centre..
Sheetal and Amol from Conservation Action Trust were there to educate our children about the wildlife found in thane/airoli creek.. 

The session started.. wasn't sure how it will turn out to be.. If the kids will listen quietly.. but i must say they were wonderful.. It was more like an interactive session with our kids doing quite some talking.. they were interesed and enthusiastic.. I was surprised at how they could relate to all the pictures shown.. They seemed very observant of their surroundings and eager to learn more.. I hve to admit i knew less than them  :).. 
It started with whats a creek.. have we seen it?? then the various microscopic organisms found in water.. the shells.. rodents.. snakes..butterflies.. variety of birds from sparrows, pigeons, flamingoes to eagles.. how to differentiate between them.. the shapes, the colors, the tails n beaks.. Different trees out there in the creeks that have their roots growing out of the ground.. Along with the kids, i was equally fascinated..
Sheetal  drew pictures on the slate along with describing the slides.. She got everyone hooked on to the session and Amol held everyone's attention by sharing very interesting facts, how animals help humans and more..  It is difficult to interact with a smaller age grp but they did a fab job.. Thanks to them both.. It was heart warming to see our kids sing for the guests and thank them in the end.. 
The session ended with summary of how everything in nature is interdependent.. That it is our responsibility to take care of nature and try to preserve the biodiversity..
All the kids were asking when we will be taken out to see all the birds in real.. There will be no match to their exciment when the field trip wil be arranged. I am totally looking forward to it too.. it wud be so much fun :D Rupesh sir jaldi arrange karvao !!!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Computer-Class session

Hello friends....

This is with reference to the method that we need to follow as per the new teaching plan...
As said, Amruta had already done the beginning by sharing the details of her 1st session...
These are mine: