Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Computer-Class session

Hello friends....

This is with reference to the method that we need to follow as per the new teaching plan...
As said, Amruta had already done the beginning by sharing the details of her 1st session...
These are mine:

Saturday 3rd July

Our children got the feel of their First Computer class (N i got the privilege to teach that ;-)
I take session on Friday evenings ... Came to know that children had holiday on the next day... So announced that I will teach them Computer on next day....

Morning 10am.... All children On time !! (Amazing !!)
As usual, started with a prayer.... .. (our new teaching plan was not rolled out no yoga, rhyme, etc...)

Took the basics....Parts of the computer, their uses, Drew the different parts neatly (!!) on the board with different colors.... wrote down their names in English as well as Marathi so that they remember the Proper Pronunciation....
Made them copy everything in their tuition note book.... Asked each one of them to get it signed by me after completion... (I could check their mistakes and make them correct it... remember, our school teacher used to do this..!!!) 

The class was superb !!  No Noice !! Excellent Participation by everyone...!! 

I knew that had some basic knowledge..... So I made them say most of the things rather than me preaching them... This invoked their thinking process and active participation.... Thanks to Ameetha !!!

All this kept me encouraging further.. and I went beyond the syllabus... Taught them even Spike-guard, its uses, plug, socket, details of wires coming in and out, etc... 

After they finished drawing everything...I turned On the Computer... All eyes wide open
and i got completely surrounded.....made them open their books...and now co-relate everything part by part..... This was the Magic !  They just enjoyed it !!
Just typed some text.. and came more concepts like left click, right click, pointer, mouse-pad,  etc...
Again added them on the black-board and made them add as well....

Then came the tricky part.... They wanted to Type....  I said NO !!!
Why ?? We will have a test on what we learned today on Sunday sharp 10am ....Good performers will be allowed to work on PC..  :-)

Rules for exam
Late comers will be not allowed to give the exam....
Students to have their own pencil, rubber, etc... Sharing will not be allowed
I can ask write, speak etc... whatever is there on board..and whatever not on the board ;-)
Only those students who get 6 or above out of 10 will get the privilege to sit on PC with me ;-)

Sunday morning:

I reached the centre at 9.50am...
thoughts running across,...will children follow my instructions.....?/ will they come on time ? Will they come prepared? etc....

1) Anil and musoba met me on the way...."what happened? where are you going? dont want to write the test?"
"Sir, going to purchase pencil and eraser!"  ;-)
2) I went to the shop to take the key of our centre... Fount Anjali and Pratik purchasing the scale..... We smiled at each other ;-)
3) Came to the centre... All the children were sitting in the premises, busy preparing (ratta marro ;-) for the exam...
4) Opened the shutter.... I entered.... all children asked together -- "May I come in Sir ?"

All these was enough to raise my adrenalin levels :-)

So then I planned to add some more spice to this curry....made the environment more serious.... exam hai bhai ;-)

Distributed the one side blank papers....And ask them to just draw the 4 main parts of computer with proper english as well as marathi names....... 
"Only 4 parts??", asked children.  I smiled--- "yes, only 4 parts dear!"

Exam started !! No copying instructions were passed...(though need was not felt...)
20 minutes deadline !!  "Sir, plz give more time".  "No! Time is ticking while you argue!!" 

Vinod and Raja came late... They were sent back and not allowed to write the exam !!

My god.. I was behaving like a professor in my college :-) ;-)

Meanwhile, our dera Archana teacher and Kailash sir arrived.. No doubt, they were awestruck to witness the silence ;-)  "Ssshhhh, Exam hai !!"  ;-)  ..   Both of them obeyed too ;-)

Maruti says, "Aur aataa hai to banaaa sakte hain?'  
"^*(^$!*#$*&!  What's this? this guy wants to write more ??"  Archana teacher takes the charge now, "yes bachcha, go ahead!"  ;-)

20 minutes done!! papers collected.. All silence !! Eyes staring at me...
"Sir, correct karo na .. Computer pe baithna hai......"  ;-)
Unfortunately,,.... had to disappoint them becuase our Teaching Plan Committee had already arrived .....
But I promised to give them soon.... (I was more eager than them to correct those papers..  !!!)  ... (though i hate this stint for my engineering students....

Next day... Monday 5th July .. Bharat Bandh !!

Fortunately, again I got the opportunity to take the session in the evening....
But children needed their favourite Guddi teacher for their dance class !!

Distributed the corrected papers....

Simran, Sanjana -- 10/10
Anil B -9/10
Maruti, - 8/10
Anil R, Suresh --9.5/10 ...  half mark is precious.. ;-)
Anjali -- 6/10

Hurray....!!! All the children were eligible to work on the computer now (as per the rules of the game) in the next session.... :-)  

Have attached the snaps !!
Roopali couldnt appear in the test because she had to wash the clothes....  ;-(((


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