Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Candle Stall at Reliance

Hello everyone,

Today was the second stall for the candles at Reliance communications, Koparkhairne. With a good response for our previous stall all of us ( Rupesh, Tamanna, Paraag, Kailash and I) got ready for a busy day . But unlike the Patni stall where they was a continous inflow of people, we were disappointed in Reliance since there was hardly any interest shown by the handful people we managed to stop near the stall.

We thought that today is going to be a slow day as there was still no one till 12:30 or so...but we were informed by the manager of the canteen that around 3000-4000 employees come to the canteen on an average day. Soon around 1:00 there were hordes of people coming in the canteen and many of them looked at the stall but no one stopped and bought any, some of them promised that they will buy while coming back after lunch. Some of them did. Most of them didn't. By this time, we were definitely worried. However there was a group who wanted candles and soon many. Finally there were so many that we had our hands full. Again the flowers sold like hot cakes. Even the mohenjadaro candle was well received. Tamanna was pushing for the Shell candle (rs.150) "her personal favorite" and "tuti fruity one". Rupesh was speaking to one gentleman and by talking and convincing he managed to get him by 400 worth of candles and he left with a thank you to us. We sold many high priced items which helped us bring ourselves back on track. Of course with some help from Tamanna's cousin who bought many candles (read expensive ones) and brought his friends along who bought many more. 

So by then, we were again feeling good and to our surprise, a rough estimate brought us near Rs.5000 mark which had dismissed in the morning. The post tea session was also very good for us and we ended by making around Rs.6490 which was even more than the Patni Stall. Surprising and Satisfying day again for us.

We met really diverse kind of people from our stalls, some who are cynical, some indifferent. But those who really listen and understand what we are doing and aim to do, are impressed and want to help us. There were girls who were managing the stores in the canteen who saw us and wanted to help us on Sundays, the only day they have off. Truly amazing what we can do if all of us have the will.

Thanks for reading,

Do tell me if i need to shorten my reports ;)

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  1. Amazing effort and response by all of you!!

    Thanks to the efforts we could exceed the 5k target 2nd time in a row!!

    Let's work towards making the stall on thursday at Sandoz a big hit too!

    Swagatha, all the feedback provided in 1st report was valid and critical! We will soon formalize this to ensure regular feedback flows back to the production and planning team to ensure we produce wht sells!!!

    Great going!

    3 cheers for our g8 LEADers !!! (To all those who are behind g8 success of Candle stalls)

    Hats off to ur efforts and persuasion skill that fetched more than 6K at the end of not so bright day (at least in the beginning).

    We, who couldn’t come there personally, really appreciate your dedication.

    Warm Regards,


    Hats off specially to Swagata, Tamanna & Parag who were doing so much of hard selling. Its all because of your efforts that we could achieve this figure.