Thursday, December 23, 2010

Candle Stall at Sandoz

Hello everyone,

Yesterday (23rd Dec) was the last of the corporate stalls we had planned. The days prior to the stall, the ladies had worked entire day to make two cartons of wonderful candles to be sold and our volunteers had meticulously packed them. 

On the day of the stall, Rupesh, Tamanna, Priyanka, Binjal and I met in the centre and were dropped to Sandoz by our senior volunteer's, Mrs. Chakraborty's, car. We were again allocated space near the canteen area to get maximum crowd. We all got busy setting up the stall anticipating huge rush around the lunch area. Tamanna made a wonderful poster which she colored by sketch pens which got everyone’s attention. All the employees smiled at us as we prodded them to come to the stall but preferred to eat their lunch before they see the candles. We managed to get some people to see the candles first and our first customer itself bought candles worth Rs.160.:)

Just as everyone finished their lunches, there was a continuous stream of people around the stall. But unlike in Reliance, we found it very easy to convince people here about the cause and most of those who visited the counter bought candles.  We were soon getting much interest by the employees and some even were interested to volunteer for us. The next two hours flew by and we were all on our feet, talking, convincing and handling the queries. 

Sandoz management had informed us that after the lunch time, there will hardly be any one present in the canteen and soon enough by 3, we had the entire canteen to ourselves. We thought we will wait till 4 since we had told few ladies that we will be here till 4:30 and many had selected the candles and offered to pay later since they didn’t have cash then. We all needed a break and so were sat and relaxed for a while. The cash register showed Rs. 5710 till then and even though it was a huge amount collected in just 2 hours, I was hoping to go with more than Rs.6000. And soon the ladies who had promised to come back, arrived and brought friends along. They brought many candles and we were rejoicing for their return. The cash register at the end of the day was whopping Rs.6560!! Three cheers for the amazing employees of Sandoz who listened and wanted to support the cause.
We returned with lighter boxes and bigger smiles from this stall.

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  1. Wonderful updates Swagata about all the 3 stalls...
    Also I must appreciate your sincere dedication not only 'during' these events but also during the pre and post -events' tasks...

    Heartious thanks to all our volunteers Priyanka, Binjal, Tamanna, Kailash, Kamlesh, Ashish, Chakraborthy madam, Reshma, Dhara, Ramya, Kartha Madam, our interns- Parag, Joe and of course our volunteers in Reliance (Madhu), Patni (Amit) & Sandoz (Meena)-- for their relentless coordination with their respective CSR teams and all the support during the events -- without whom, this would not have been possible....

    On Sunday, 26th Dec, we could distribute Rs.8,000/- equally among all the 4 women who had really tolied hard for pulling off this show... Ashish will soon share some more details and snaps about this...