Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Girls from Lavadi visit Mumbai with LEAD

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you!

The older girls from Lavadi had visited Mumbai for a carreer counselling session. Their visit was coupled up with a fun filled outing to the ISKON Temple and the Juhu beach. It was a welcome and well deserved break from their daily routines of filling water and doing the house hold chores.

Attached in this mail is a scanned copy of the hand written report by the girls (in marathi) narrating their experiences of the visit and some pictures of a day in Mumbai City to share with you the day they spent. On this day Sunita and myself (Vinita) accompanied the girls.

Link to Picassa photo album :


Vinita Shah
LEAD Foundation 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

LEAD embarks upon a project in a Tribal Village

Hello friends,
I guess, this thrilling subject line itself would have pumped up the adrenalin levels of most of us.... :-)) Yes; I am really proud & glad to say that LEAD has now also started working with one of the tribal villages of Maharshatra....
 To give you all a small background as to what it really took for LEAD to take a plunge into such a completely different domain, let me share with you some of my personal stuff... 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holi celebrations

Hi All,

Just felt like sharing something with all of u guys 

I m pretty new to writing to LEAD group but will try my best to describe the whole thing as nicely as possible and will expect ur co-ordinations as well to make such a practise a success in future.

On Saturday me and my friend Pushplata and our new yoga teacher priyanaka :) decided to have some fun at class on the occasion of holi rather than having regular class as we were totally aware that kids will be feeling bored( :) as we used to feel when we were kids ) ,
decided to celebrate HOLI festival with them we wanted to make them aware of why HOLI is celebrated what is the actual reason of celebrations what all fun we can have along with the advantages and dis-advantages of the actions performed by many of kids these days on the name of holi that injures them in some or the other way.

We planned to re-create all the things that are done in proper holi like colours , thandai (of course without bhang ;) ) ,sweets ,flowers .

the moment we entered the class to our much surprise nobody was carrying the bags with them and on asking they told that we want to play holi not to study today so we said ok we will be doing the same to which they became very happy and listened to each and everything that we told them they sat in proper lines started with prayers than  we distributed sweets and thandai then we had small session of story telling and poem to which everyone responded wonderfully it was such a wonderful moment to see the co-ordination they shared ( you all guys missed it :) ), after that we showed them videos of hiranykashap and bhakt prahlad to make them aware of the reason of holi celebration and to our surprise most of them responded very well ,altogether it was a wonderful experience .

After all this we had a small session of yoga and kids enjoyed that too and before leaving we played holi with flowers every one participated in it and were throwing flowers at each and everyone and specially teachers :D and played a game of recognising color with packets of holi colours that we got with us.

I wanted to share this because i wanted to gather information on what all things we are doing to make the kids aware of the festivals and other things being celebrated in india as this will help us making them socially aware of outside world , this is our first try so didnt had much ideas to put in  and  would love to get more ideas so that we can celebrate each and every festival including our children's birthday party .