Friday, April 15, 2011

Sandoz spread smiles to the children of LEAD

Hello friends,

Its always been a pleasure having the Kalwa unit of Sandoz Ltd. & its enthusiastic & kind-hearted employees, standing by our side. By allowing LEAD to put up the candles' stall in their premises during the Christmas, providing the calcium tonics for our kids, and even making financial as well as in-kind donations, Sandoz has always demonstrated its sensitivity & strong support towards the social cause.

This year too, as a part of their world-wide community week celebrations, a team of 11 members from Sandoz visited the Airoli centre of LEAD on 15th April 2011. The team was led by Dr. Critian Hatschke. Our volunteer Mrs. Kartha received the team, while soon our other volunteers Archana, Shilpa Madam, Ashwini & Balan Madam joined the group. Kids introduced themselves & then performed some prayers & songs.

Dr. Chrition Hatschke's and Dr. Manjeet Singh's kind words boosted our moral.It was so heartwarming to see that company is spending productive time for the social cause. Every team member was very interactive with the kids as well as with the volunteers. The atmosphere was so cheerful & lively, that we could hardly realize the power-failure during the entire event.

Sandoz team esp. Mrs. Meena Bhoasale did mention that our kids look healthier than last year, this positive remark was very encouraging for us. Though our daily serving of home-made breakfast/snacks is yielding the fruits, but a good amount of credit also goes to the Calcium tonics supplied by Sandoz for our kids & even  our dedicated volunteers who never fail to give this dose to our children after their sessions.

As a token of their appreciation team gave lot of food items ( Dhokla, Jalebi, cake, cream biscuits ) Health supplements (calcium, vitamin tonics & tablets) as well as health drink (Bournvita powder) to the children of LEAD. It was so kind & humble of them to understand our fiscal challenges & hence make a cash donation of Rs.15,000/- for our cause. We assure them that all these contributions will definitely go long way in enriching the lives of these lesser mortals.

We are surely looking forward to a greater & long-term association with Sandoz Ltd., Kalwa. like their team members coming down to our center and conducting some academic/extra-curricular sessions/ workshops with our children, encouraging them through sports, playing board-games, etc.

Thank You Sandoz team, for spreading the smiles !! ;-))

Also please find attached a brief report from Sandoz side about this visit...

And here is the Link of the Event Snaps:

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LEAD Foundation

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