Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clay Modeling Workshop

Dear All,

This is what I feel about clay modelling.

Clay working/modeling is very much engrossing activity and one forgets everything when involved in it.Clay is very much plastic in nature-it retains almost 100% of the impression that we impart on it and hence offers as beautiful medium for imparting shapes/images that we have in our imaginations.We are interacting with kids from poor economic strata,so poor that it is unable to absorb any problem raised by life as such.This 'subject' therefore reacts very effectively to activities like dance, music, play, drawings, dramatics, etc.It is proved that all these activities have therapeutic qualities in them. Clay modeling though it is one of them, very rarely attempted,especially in metros,where playing with mud is considered (and mostly is) as a health hazard.

So while interacting with kids in Borivali as well as in Airoli during the session I have observed kids' faces full of joy and exhibit creativity.They also show peace of mind and forget all possible tensions they have.Their eyes are simply glowing.Unlike their academic activity,of which they have tension of keeping every thing in mind and reproducing maximum while appearing in exam,is totally absent and they reflect simple happiness.
 I also have seen some kids complaining that they do not know,for example, how to make bird out of lump of clay,but after proper encouragement,they too are able to draw pleasure of creativity out of activity.

 In majority of the cases I simply wonder that they themselves aiming of making intricate models and at the end are able to achieve it successfully.You yourself can see kids making Ganesh idol and putting it in bullock cart.I would not have dared to attempt such complex target.I every time learn from these kids to set high aims and enjoy while working to attain it.

At the end of the session entire space we worked appears untidy but look at the kids; they are all busy seeing their own creation full of admiration and self respect, and talking to other fellow mates and commenting on each other's 'productions'.At that particular moment (and even during session too) they hardly pay any attention to outside world or to our instruction.It is really difficult and cruel role we play when we declare that," it is now end of this session'.

This activity is capable of making them aware of their own capability of contributing to creativity of their own standard and brings out self confidence in them.This activity has therapeutic  effect,(called ART THERAPY) and also widely practiced to open up subject when faced traumatic situation and is not at all in position to communicate or ready for counselling. 

We at LEAD/Dream India and similar thinking people are deeply involved to bring positive change whatsoever possible by us,for which we spend our time,efforts,money, perspiration,etc and there is nothing more satisfying for us than to see these kids with glowing faces and glittering eyes.

I forget that it is now late and I still have to travel back in crowded public transport and bit uncomfort due to tiredness or hunger or humid climate,because I got my reward(equivalent to Bharat Ratna) for the work I did.

Here are the snaps of the workshop:

Looking forward to repeat the session at Badalapur village.

S K Gawarikar

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for sharing the report and most importantly for brilliantly penning down your views and observations about some of the unique experiences while working with clay....... Friends, plz do read the trailing informative email....

    For starters,
    Gawarikar Sir is the same humble person who had visited our children all the way from Borivli.. He is also actively involved, working with some of the underprivileged children over there ... I met him through DreamIndia ngo, - an all-volunteer movement like us.... He came to Airoli last time a week before Ganeshotsav festival.... It was primarily because of him & even TWIGG and RecycleKaro that we could pass the message of eco-friendly ganeshotsav in some way while performing the visarjan of such hand made clay models of ganpati.. I still remember , how our bachha party had grabbed the eyeballs of all the people around..... ;-))

    You may catch those moments here:

    This time too, it was just one phone call and Subhash Sir immediately agreed for a clay workshop for our kids again.... I must also appreciate the zeal and interest of one of his young students who accompanied him like last time (I am extremely sorry for not remembering his name).. But I really loved the way he was so involved with our kids, guiding them in all the possible & playful ways....No doubt, the major credit goes to his Sir ;-)

    In fact, to share with all of you... I found myself in a real embarrassing position when, contrary to my assumptions, I couldn't find enough stock of Shaadu maati with us, and this I realized just one hour before their arrival...All the kids and even volunteers had also gathered at the center...

    No option, I ran around to get some red maati, but only to be rejected by the Boss !! ;-) Must appreciate and I really admire the enthusiasm & the never-say-die spirit of this elderly man, he instantly piggy packed me on my scooty and we started off for the hunt again.... we connected with so many relevant people and shop-keepers and then finally found ourselves landed up at Kalva... !! (Thanks to Rajesh from RecycleKaro).... Yes, we were fleeced by the sweet words of the clay-seller, but nevertheless, it was worth esp. considering the results we could pull off ;-)

    Do check out the amazing creations of our children esp. the bullock cart, tree, bed, ganpati idols, pot, ....

    One observation that has really changed my perception about the younger kids - toddlers - They can really beat the elders with their thinking & creative skills !! Just check out the tree made by Shrikant - 6-7 year old from our Airoli gaav community ... None of us had spoken about a tree... and just check out his wonderful imagination and creation !! (I would have done a BIG mistake, had I not involved him in this workshop, thinking he is too small and would lead to the chaos -- because I know he is toooooooo mastikhor ;-)

    Secondly, I could also witness some good team work during this workshop... Just check out the work - ganpati Bappa sitting on the bullock-cart !! All the three models - bull, cart and ganpati - are made by three different children !!

    And so much more to speak - even Shiv-ling, bananas, bed with 2 people sleeping on it ;-) Oh my god, what marvelous creations !! Something, that even we elders would think twice before attempting !

    The album link is attached below.. But I have attached couple of best creations! ;-)

    Thanks a zillion Subhash Sir & even your student, our kids could only vent out their creativity and realize their own capabilities because of you..... We will soon let you know about the badlapur workshop, once we are able to transport the big bag of clay there,.,,.. and I am sure, we will soon see many more beautiful colors springing out from there too,.,,,,