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Dental Camp for Airoli kids

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LEAD had organized the dental camp for its Airoli children on 15th May 2011.Dr. Neha Gupta, a dentist from Powai was scheduled to arrive at around 4 pm, though the kids arrived much before. We could connect with her, special thanks for the efforts of Ashima from i-volunteer (an NGO that tries to connect the volunteers with different NGOs)

Rupesh, Kailash and Swagata were also present at the center. Dr. Neha started interacting with the kids meanwhile Rupesh went to pick up remaining kids .By 4:30 pm all kids assembled in the center.

Kids were divided in two groups to manage them better. Dr. Neha showed a presentation on her laptop along with a video describing “How to brush your teeth” for first group of kids. With help of this presentation Dr. Neha explained to the kids:

* Why do we need teeth?
* When to brush the teeth?
* What we need to brush the teeth?
* How to hold the toothbrush and how to brush the teeth and gums?

This was indeed an interactive session. After the video, Dr. Neha asked questions to evaluate their understanding. Kids amused her with humorous answers. E.g. to her question “Where will you keep your toothbrush?”, one of the kids answered “In my house!” ;-) After first batch finished with the video, the same was replayed for second batch. Meanwhile to keep the first batch kids engaged, Rupesh played the animated video of Alibaba on the center’s Desktop. Second batch kids also found the video of dental hygiene entertaining and informative. Now all the kids agreed that they have two new friends “Toothbrush” and “Toothpaste”. Dr. Neha told kids that they will be featured in the next presentation if they maintain white, shiny, clean teeth. So they promised to brush teeth regularly the way showed in video.

After making all kids aware of the importance of their dental health, Dr. Neha started with the dental check up. Each child was examined carefully. She also made detail notes of any tooth problem they had. I helped each one of them to rinse their teeth using the mouthwash provided by the doctor that was very enjoyable for them. In fact they wanted to do it once more. Few kids were hesitant to sit in the chair for check up. They were scared that doctor was going to give them injection. However they agreed after being convinced that it won’t hurt at all. After check up was done, all kids lined for the snap with Dr. Neha. Kids were so excited that it took almost 10-15 minutes to click one photo. After photo session children thanked Dr. Neha and left for home. Then Dr. Neha arranged the check up reports in three groups:

* One who need immediate treatment, these kids have major teeth problems and doctor advised that they should be taken to dentist ASAP. She also took their reports with her and vouched for making arrangements regarding their appointments with D.Y. Patil Dental hospital, Nerul
* Few kids have minor teeth problem which can be taken care by better habits as explained by doctor in her presentation. If possible they should also visit dentist for their treatment
* Other kids have good teeth and should maintain the same with regular brushing habits.

In the end, Kailash and I expressed our gratitude to Dr. Neha on behalf of entire LEAD team. Dr. Neha was also very happy for having opportunity to spend time with our kids. She discussed with Kailash regarding the various activities LEAD has been initiating and showed her interest to participate in the future events.

Here is the link to the snaps:

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  1. Thanks Deepali. Dr. Neha has also promised to come for our such camps in future & also she will bring the Colgate Toothpaste & Brushes after 2 weeks.

    Thanks to Dr. Neha for this dental camp .