Saturday, May 21, 2011

Few lines about my experiences on my 1st day of LEAD Foundation

Dear Rupesh Sir,

I would like to share the most memorable day of my life with u………………….

Firstly I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and secondly I would like to thank Sunita mam & those wonderful childrens for cooperating with me and to make me comfortable on my 1st day.

I called sunita mam on Friday for d sat’s schedule and we had decided to meet at around 12 pm at badlapur station. But Sunita mam had some work in kalyan so she told me either to leave my place after 1 hr or can go directly to the place. So I decided to go directly to the Lavadi village as per direction given by sunita mam. Mam told me to wait at sayali’s house, mam already informed her parents abt my visit. Luckily I met sayali wen I got down from the bus…she was in d same bus. I went with her to her place, sayali’s parents were so pleasing. Thanks to Sayali who served me lovely ‘kokam sharbat’, in such a hot temperature it was like amrut for me.

Then we went to renuka’s place. In the beginning I was bit nervous at the same time excited also but those kids were amazing, they make me feel comfortable and they have started chatting with me. They have also given short intro of them. When I entered renuka’s place I was surprised to see the kids wer doing some flower decoration in d house. They were running here and thr. I was again nd again asking them abt d decoration but they wer keeping mum. After sumtime I hv realized tht d kids wer planning bday party for their fav sunita mam. They have arranged so many beautiful things for sunita mam like flower decoration, sweets, gift and beautiful greeting card made by Rupesh. I am happy to see that those childrens are so creative and hardworking. And finally Sunita mam entered in d houses she was so happy to see everything arranged by those sweet kids for her. And our bday party started. After every second they wer given new new surprises to sunita mam and she was so happy. Lastly we had delicious poha made by renuka. And our party has finished.

Now its a study time so Sunita mam started with the introduction session of them and finally ended with mine too. In the meantime she explained me everything abt whatever covered till d date from English to computers and goals which we should achieve in d future.She had also given me an information abt our airoli project and
the contribution given by you in the project and also information abt some of our volunteers involved in the lavadi project like vinita mam, abhinay sir, nimit sir. Then she started with the English lecture. Sunita mam brought some green environment ka leaflet. She told each and every kid to read first 2 lines given in tht leaflet. And she explained them how to pronounce each word and meaning of each word in Marathi and told them to memorise each and every word. In d meantime kids were telling us abt what they have learned in computers (cut, copy, paste, save functions) from Nimit Sir. Then sunita mam started with some short sentences given in d “Rapidex english speaking book” and told them to read those sentences and now it’s a revision time. So she was asking them those sentences in Marathi and they have to give answer in English.

Those kids are so intelligent and the grasping power of those kids is so strong. After asking again and again they understood those sentences properly. Especially I have noticed tht Rupesh, sayali and renuka were giving answers instantly. Deepa was in a sleepy mood but she was also trying to give answers. We have write all those sentences on the black board so tht they can revise it latr. So that we can ask them all those sentences on the next sat and they can give answers. Vijaya and sachin have already note it down in thr notebook.

Its 4.30 now...and kids wer excited to go to some haldi function so mam decided to leave now. In the meantime renuka told us to wait as she ws making black tea for us. Then we had awesome “black tea”. Finally the most beautiful day of my life comes to an end and we left renuka’s place @ around 5 -5.15pm. and after 40-50 min ka timepass on the bus stop we catch the bus for badlapur station and reached at badlapur station and sunita mam took autorickshaw and I took the train to kalyan.

Rupesh sir really I had a great time. Thanks Once again to you and sunita mam for giving me this opportunity.

I think we can do lot more on maths and science section. We can improve the same by asking each and every student what is covered in their syllabus and what school peoples are teaching them and then accordingly we can improve their skills. We will concentrate on computers also. As per Sunita mam's schedule we are going to teach them internet also, so those kids will get more information about changing world also. As i have seen there is some electricity problem so the computer is not working properly. Sunita mam told me there is no earthing facility, so running computer is dangerous also. It would be more helpful if we can call some IT person / electric contractor to check this.

I am looking forward to work with “LEAD” in the future ahead in an efficient manner.

Thanks, Regards,
Kajal Gaikar

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