Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dental Camp for our Ghansoli kids

11th June 2011,
Dental Camp at LEAD’s Ghansoli centre with the help of Dr. Neha Gupta
11th June Saturday morning was the time fixed for a dental camp at Ghansoli, but it was pouring in Navi Mumbai since Friday night. We were too skeptical about the turnout of kids due to heavy rains. When I spoke to Dr. Neha, she was ready & quite enthusiastic to visit Ghansoli centre after having wonderful experience with our Airoli kids. We decided - we have to make this event successful in spite of heavy rains. Called up all our volunteers Jyothi mam, Avishkar, Dishendra, Dr. Shehnaz, all was set. Avishkar took the responsibility to bring all our kids from the community. Dishendra took care of all the arrangements required at the centre for the camp. Jyothi mam & Dr. Shehnaz were well before time, waiting for the activity to begun.
I picked up Dr. Neha from Ghansoli station at around 10.30AM. She got settled with all her equipments, waiting for the kids. Within 5 minutes Avishkar was there with all our kids. Kids were so excited to see Dr. Neha & instantly liked her. After the introduction session, Dr explained the Do’s & Don’ts of oral care in very simple & interesting language, which they listened carefully & even promised to follow them. Then there was a question- answer round, which went great, as usual they were fighting to answer first, Juhi won her heart by answering real smartly. Post that Dr. Neha examined all the kids individually & noted the details. She assured to take those kids who needed follow-up to D. Y. Patil Dental Hospital for free treatment.

Subsequently we finished the event by giving every child a gift hamper that consisted of a set of small cute toothbrush & toothpaste. Kids loved it so much, just waiting to go home & try it & pass on the new things learnt to their family members.
It was a great experience for all volunteers too as all the kids were smiling with their shining teethJ & were benefited by this activity. We all as a LEAD family, thank Dr. Neha for taking out time from her busy schedule & coming all the way in the heavy rains to make some difference in our kids’ lives.

We would now like to know from Dr.Neha as to how was her experience during these camps and if she has some suggestions for us and our kids.
Please find the pictures of this wonderful event at:
Thanks & Regards,
Nilima Kirdat

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