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LEAD gets Ghansoli school too on track !!

Hi Amit,

Thanks for sharing this and most importantly for going head bravely as per our telephonic discussion.... ;-))

Many of us may not know this, but our Airoli municipal school teachers are still praising us and appreciating our efforts, as we could explain the right laws & practices to their school principal as this comes as a big relief (physical, mental and financial) for all the poor parents who were till now harassed to run after the notaries and get the affidavits of their wards done by paying/bribing them somewhere between Rs.200-500/- and all the related shit, which is not at all required as per by the bill that has become an Act now...

But the biggest disappointment is that even the school principals are not aware about this and due to their such stupid behavior, many kids are deprived of their basic right to education... This was one of the major reasons that I came to know from the parents, 3 years back, when I had asked them as to why don't they send their kids to school...and we too had unknowingly got the affidavits worth Rs.3500/- made for 35 kids....

But then, thanks to Arambh, who opened our eyes and we could finally set the things right in this school in 2009 and now even at Ghansoli municipal school !!  (I still remember the big fight that I had with the Airoli school principal regarding this matter, with the help of education officer ;-)))

So for all our new volunteers, this is what is LEAD !!  If we want to set the wrong things into right, we Can, provided we 'really' want to !!  ;-))

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 5:48 PM, Amit Rao wrote:

Hello all,

There have been many cases where the school authorities have been asking us to submit the satya-patra on stamp papers of Rs.100 denomination. I would like to inform you all that no such formality is necessary to admit a child. The satya patra alone is enough to secure admission in a school.

We faced a similar incident at Ghansoli . The Marathi medium headmistress insisted on the stamp paper documentation. Even though she admitted the children to the school she didn’t give them the supplies as we hadn’t furnished the documents yet. This continued for more than a month and the children were denied uniforms, shoes and raincoats.  When Rupesh sir came to know about this, he informed me that we have already spoken to a certain education commissioner , Mr.Balasaheb Mane, and confirmed that the stamp papers are absolutely not necessary. I conveyed this to the headmistress and after a few checks here and there she obliged and withdrew her request.

So lets all be aware that its due to the lack of knowledge of the school authorities that such mundane formalities continue, even after RTE.

Amit Rao
Bachelor of Technology
Mechanical Engineering
NITK Surathkal

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:51 AM, Rupesh Gesota wrote:

We will NEVER give Nor allow the parents of our children to give any kind of stamp-paper... Its not the issue about rs.50/-  Its about something else !!

And Avishkar knows very well what I am speaking about !  And Amit, I have spoken to you about all this in detail... Most imp. -- you have to sound confident and firm & educated before these 'so called educated' people...  My weakness is I get aggressive on such occasions and this may spoil the show... So if any help needed, plz call me or even Avishkar for this matter...

We will 1st make them realize about all the right practices with examples .. Still if they dare to defy, we will have to stand up !!!


On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:33 AM, Amit Rao wrote:

Hey !

PFA a sample of how the stamp paper document should look. It can be done in english as well. One for primary students and one for balvadi students - marathi medium. The students would be getting all the stationaries only after the completion of this process.

Amit Rao


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